Sunday, June 7, 2015

Raiding like a Sir! Part 3 – Archers and Minions

Last time we looked at collector raiding with an army of archers. This time we are going to look at collector raiding with archers and minions!

Collector Raiding advanced

Requirements – Archers and minions plenty of gold
A variation of the previous tactic but this is designed to hit storages too. Many villages will have storages well within the walls, away from opportunist raiders. We are looking, as before for full collectors but this time, for bad air def too! Many people, particularly at lower levels will have poor air defence as they are not used to being attacked that way. For an army size of 150 you will want to train 100 archers, 25 minions and have barracks full of more raring to go.
clash-of-clans-raiding-minions clash of clans raiding minions
Drop 5 or 6 archers at each collector and mine, leaving the ones covered by mortars or wizard towers until the easiest have been destroyed. Now for phase two you want to drop minions as close to the storages as you can. Drop 2 then wait a moment then 2 again to clear any air mines.
Hopefully after this, you have bagged the swag, goot the loot and are laughing on your way :) simple smile
Part 4 closing in…

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