Sunday, June 7, 2015

Raiding like a Sir! Part 2 – Archers

Last time we looked at goblin raiding. This time we are going to look at collector raiding.

Collector Raiding

Requirements – Archers and plenty of gold
Oh boy this is a good tactic, hated by barely actives, loved by thieves, scallywags and looters! Again this tactic will not gain you many trophies but the loot can be amazing! For an army size of 100 you will want to train 100 Archers and have barracks full of more archers raring to go.
Now press next and next and next an……GOT YOU!!

A base with collectors all full, maybe builders are all sleeping, maybe tombstones everywhere, the less active the better. Now you want to drop 5 or 6 archers at each collector, going round and doing this to all in range. Beware of mortars and heros until you have the easier targets dealt with. Again as before ensure the amount of loot is worth going for and do not be afraid to keep skipping villages if the right one is not there. By the time the raid is complete your new archer army will be well on its way to being ready to go again!
Part 3 coming to your eyes soon…

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