Sunday, June 7, 2015

Raiding like a Sir! Part 1 – Goblin Raiding

Ever wondered how some people and bathing in elixer and have all the gold you can eat? Ever stare blankly at your empty dark elixer store and think…”I wish i had some dark elixer in that thing?”
If you do, this series of articles may be of some use to you! Don’t be afraid of raiding, embrace it, do it often, practice and start bringing home the rewards! First we are going to look at making loot, lots of loot, many many err…. loots!

Goblin Raiding

Requirements – Goblins
Goblin raiding is very simple, although it is a little more complex than sending in 100 goblins and hoping for the best. They will need help to be effective! For an army size of 100, you may wish to train 4 giants, 4 Wallbreakers and 72 Goblins. Once done you will need to find the right opponent.
clash-of-clans-raiding-outside-collectors clash of clans raiding outside collectors
The easiest and best to go for are people silly enough to leave mines and collectors full. But assuming you cannot find anyone like that, storages are next on the agenda. Once a suitable victim has been found you want to distract cannons, mortars etc…send in the giants, a couple of wall breakers should crack the base open. Then you want to steadily release goblins while the giants are taking the flak.
Ideally you will want to steal more than the raid cost you, so you can return to your village a hero, ready to go again!
Part 2 coming soon…
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