Monday, June 8, 2015

Raiding Checklist Part 2 – Dragons

This is the next episode of the Raiding Checklist series after we started off with Hog Riders in the Part 1 – if you haven’t already read that one, you should at least read the intro to understand the need for a checklist.

Making the Checklist for Dragons

Again we’re reflecting the troop’s strengths and weaknesses to make our plan. When using Dragons you most likely use them with some kind of supporting units – I really like to use them together with 10-12 Hog Riders or some Balloons to have something to go for the biggest weakness of the Dragon: Air Defenses. No matter what you do there are some base design you simply can’t crack even when using 12 maxed Dragons. You also have to prepare for some of your Dragons to die from Seeking Air Mines. I found a video of a Clan War replay on my phone and will use it to give you some explanations of what I did and, most important, why I did it:

Now we take our checklist to make our plan – in case you’ve forgotten the topics, here’s a reminder:
  • Where to initially deploy your troops
  • Which troops you deploy and when to deploy them
  • Where to deploy your Heroes and when you want to deploy them (start or cleaning up)
  • How you want to lure the defending Heroes (if possible) and Clan Castle troops
  • When and where you want to drop your Spells
Where to Initially Deploy Which Troops
This base designer did make a mistake because all of the Air Defenses are gathered in one area – if we manage to take them out (or at least two of them) the base will be defenseless like a little baby. Also he has one Air Defense at level 3 which is not that bad for the Dragons. This is the place where we will hit him (see the ‘X’). When you attack with Dragons you have some support troops – in this case 12 Hog Riders to take on Air Defenses that are just as much outside as they are in this case. I think the same amount of Balloons would do the same but probably with earlier activated Rage Spell (see later the Spell Drop Zones)

Where to Deploy Your Heroes

I want the Dragons to go straight inside, so I can’t have any surrounding buildings out there that could distract them. I want to deploy my Archer Queen at the ‘A’ and the Barbarian King at the ‘B’. What I want to do is have the Archer Queen attack the Elixir Collector in front of her first and right afterward deploy the Barbarian King to make sure both of them go to the right side to clear of the buildings there. While they are doing this I will time their abilities and hope that the Archer Queen will snipe away the level 3 Air Defense. After that I will send in the Hog Riders to destroy the second Air Defense (maybe even two of them if my plan with the Archer Queen fails) and after that I will deploy all of the Dragons at the ‘X’.
Please note that it’s risky when you have to clear too much when using Dragons because they are slow and you don’t want to run out of time – pay close attention if there are buildings (Builder’s Huts) in the corners that you have to take out separately!
How You Want to Lure the Defending Heroes and Clan Castle Troops
There’s only a Barbarian King on the other side – my Hog Riders will be dead by the time he would pay attention to them and my Dragons wouldn’t even bother him. The Clan Castle troops can’t be lured out, but that’s why I brought a Lightning Spell.
When and Where You Want to Drop Your Spells
If my plan works out well, I will drop my first Rage Spell at ‘1’ to make the Dragons go inside quickly, the second is planned near the Town Hall and the third one is free for use – I know I can’t predict where the pack of Dragons will split up, so I will use that on the biggest pack that is leftover after the Town Hall is destroyed. I also brought a Freeze Spell for backup – just in case an Air Defense survives and I need some backup.


You can watch the replay (so sorry for the quality, but I still haven’t found a way to record properly. The beginning is pretty bad, but it gets a little better). What’s important is that there are some changes in the attack from what I planned, but you can see (because I was prepared very well) I did have the time to react. I finished 1 second before the time ran out which was pretty cool. It came very close with the help of the Freeze Spell, but as I always tell everyone – if you are prepared well, you can react on all kinds of circumstances. Do you see that there was something wrong with my Heroes in the beginning? Without a plan I would have panicked for some seconds and may have messed up everything.
Please try out using an attacking plan in your next attacks (Clan Wars is great for that because you have so much time to check out anything) and you will see that raids turn out to be better than ever. Don’t get de-motivated because it takes long – every fail is teaching you and some day you can do this on the fly before nexting in regular attacks. I hope you liked this episode – if someone would like to donate me a camera so I can do better recordings, feel free to mail me 😉 Just kidding!

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