Monday, June 8, 2015

Raiding Checklist Part 1 – Hog Riders

Why You Need a Checklist Before Attacking

Sometimes raiding can get too chaotic to react in the best way, so I thought I’d make a new tactic series about your pre-attack planning (especially in Clan Wars, but this can also be used in regular attacking). How detailed do you plan your raid before hitting the attack button? I want to make the first part of this series on Hog Rider attacks and I hope to make this for all the regular troops compositions.

The Basics of the Checklist

Your checklist should contain these basic tasks before you can attack properly:
  • Where to initially deploy your troops
  • Which troops you deploy and when to deploy them
  • Where to deploy your Heroes and when you want to deploy them (start or cleaning up)
  • How you want to lure the defending Heroes (if possible) and Clan Castle troops
  • When and where you want to drop your Spells

Making the Checklist for Hog Riders

To make the checklist, you need to know your troops’ strengths and also their weaknesses. We are talking about Hog Rider attacks and usually you bring some supportive troops along. I like Wizards to play the supportive role, but Archers can do the job also. My first step is to figure out where I want to start the attack and then try to imagine the route the Hog Riders will take so I can plan where to drop the Healing Spells – I used this example from a recent Clan War replay:

Clash-of-Clans-raiding-checklist-hog-riders Clash of Clans raiding checklist hog riders

Let me give you some explanations for my plan while looking at our checklist.
Where to Initially Deploy Which Troops
See the marks with the number 1? This will be my first step where I will drop my Hog Riders there at the same time so they will go straight for the Cannons and then meet up at the other defenses near to the Barbarian King. I don’t see spaces where there can be Giant Bombs and I assume to know where the Hidden Teslas are positioned (lightning bolts). After the Hogs have moved to the core, I want to deploy my Wizards to clean up the southern side of the base.
Where to Deploy Your Heroes
I will deploy them completely to the right and left sides after I’ve deployed the Hog Riders to make them start cleaning up. Then I can focus completely on the King’s ability timing and Spell placements.
How You Want to Lure the Defending Heroes and Clan Castle Troops
While attacking this base using all Hogs, I actually will not lure anything. The Barbarian King will chase after the Hog Riders and the Queen will not enter the fight until I already have 2 stars. The Clan Castle is too centered, so I will watch out very carefully what comes out and when something comes out there in order to use my Lightning Spell correctly.
When and Where You Want to Drop Your Spells
I have 1 Lightning Spell for the Clan Castle troops and 3 Healing Spells I will place next to the Wizard Towers and then afterwards when they’re in the center. I also brought 1 Freeze Spell for the Multi-Target Inferno Tower to give my Hogs a break.


Well to be honest, I did not get 3 stars because I had really bad luck with the Spring Traps. Please let me know in the comments if you would like to have a real series about the raiding checklist and maybe if you have some other things you consider before hitting the attack button.

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