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Protect War Loot in your Clan Castle

So you’ve won your Clan War and can’t wait to fill your Storages with the precious War Loot you just earned. Stop! Sometimes it is better to keep the War Loot within your Clan Castle because it is safer there than it is in your Storages. Read here when it’s the right time to collect the War Loot and when you should protect War Loot in your Clan Castle.

Should you keep your War Loot safe in Your Clan Castle in Clash of Clans?

If you have loot in your Storages and you get attacked, your attacker has the opportunity to take out 20% of what’s in each Storage (and depending on your and his Town Hall level, a certain bonus or deduction will be added, but this doesn’t have a huge impact on this strategy). The maximum amount of loot someone can take caps at 192,000 from each Storage, so having at least 960,000 in one Storage means that everything more than 192,00 is secure and can’t be stolen.
Now we are looking at your Clan Castle. Your Clan Castle does not provide any cap and your attacker can take out 10% of what’s in it if he/she destroys it. When looking at the numbers, this would mean that you should take the loot out of your Clan Castle if you can fill your Storages by more than the cap that is possible.
Calculation: War Loot in Clan Castle divided by amount of Storages + loot in the Storage units should exceed 1 million. Let’s make it simpler with an example:
I have 3 Gold Storages level 11 with 900,000 Gold in each of them giving me a total of 2,700,000 Gold. The critical number of war loot in my Clan Castle now should be at least 3 X 60,000 Gold = 180,000 Gold to make it worth the transfer from the Clan Castle to the Storages. You can use this for Elixir as well obviously.
To make it short and simple: If the resources in your Storages are below the cap then you should keep the War Loot in your Clan Castle (20% can be stolen from Storages, 10% from the Clan Castle) in order to protect the War Loot.

Protect War Loot in Clan Castle clash of clans clan castle loot indication
Here you see the graphical indication of War Loot in the Clan Castle

Other Specific Parameters

After we have looked at the math, there are also some other things that make it possible to hide your loot in the Clan Castle. In the first part we made the assumption that if you get raided and destroyed completely then you lose everything you can lose, but how often do you get 3-starred? I would say less than 50% of the time because you will often face attackers who only want to farm your resources or go for the 1 star by grabbing 50%. If you keep the war loot inside your Clan Castle you also have these other advantages:
  • Position! You Clan Castle should, no matter what kind of base layout you use, always stay in the middle so it is the best protected building in your base. When you look at your Storages you will see that you have to spread them outside more because you have more than just one of them.
  • Surprise! Farmers hate surprises so they try to stay away from the Clan Castle because they never know if there are troops inside and farmers don’t usually bring lots of Lightning Spells to their battles – and even if they do, they don’t like to use them unless they really have to.
  • Carelessness! Most of the people know how to read the visual indication if the loot is in the Mines/Collectors/Drills or in the Storages. Do you always check if there is any War Loot in the Clan Castle? This is also indicated with loot in the tiny storage units on top of the Clan Castle. Farmers go for Storages and Collectors and not for Clan Castles.
  • Distraction! Goblins don’t treat the Clan Castle as a loot building so they will not attack it unless all other resource buildings are destroyed first and they are standing next to it.
  • Massive! Your Clan Castle has more health points than a Storage building. That’s not the best reason, but it should be mentioned regardless.
I personally only take the loot out of my Clan Castle if my Storages are pretty full or if I have a fear that there won’t be enough space in the Clan Castle after my next Clan War to hold the loot bonus. If I urgently need the loot for an upgrade, I may collect it then, too. I know it feels somehow weird the first time, but you will get used to it.

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