Monday, June 8, 2015

Prevent your attacks getting blasted by Traps Part 2

After yesterdays episode, w’lle go a little deeper into preventing Traps that take out our entire army. Here you can check out the first part.

Giants/Healer combos

We have to divide this combo into two parts – one part is the Giants and the other one is the Healer. Giants have lots of health and aren’t really impressed by Bombs, but they hate Spring Traps. The problem with Spring Traps is that Giants group up after the first destroyed buildings, so the Spring Traps will take out multiple Giants at once. You know that deploying them separately isn’t that much of a help but you can spot the suspicious spots where Spring Traps can be and then you can deploy one Giant to trigger it:

clash-of-clans-giants-prevent-spring-traps clash of clans giants prevent spring traps

The Healers have to be careful when Seeking Air Mines are involved, or maybe someone placed some Air Mode Skeleton Traps. In the first situation, you will have almost no chance of triggering them in advance. Minions can’t trigger them and taking Balloons doesn’t work out well because they are very slow. You might consider having more than one healer for these instances.


Speaking of Traps and Balloons, there are actually no real Traps Balloons have to fear. I also mentioned this in the HITS TO KILL episode, that only double packs of Air Bombs get messy against your Balloons. Seeking Air Mines will kill only one Balloon, so you don’t have to waste a lot of worry about them.

clash-of-clans-balloons-air-bombs-testing-prevention clash of clans balloons air bombs testing prevention

If you want to walk on a safe path, you can send in some Balloons in advance to test the water, but not many people have the double packed Air Bombs. This might be a consideration in Wars, however.

Hog Rider

Hog Riders use to be very overpowered once upon a time, but now they have lots of enemies. When you use Hog Riders, you have to avoid Giant Bombs and also Spring Traps, since they are the enemy of Hog Riders. Unfortunately, it’s not really avoidable to run into them so here’s your plan:
1.) Never deploy Hog Riders in a row initially! Always send in one or two ahead of the big pack to see if there’s a Giant Bomb waiting for your Hog Riders right before the Walls, or right after the Wall.
2.) Take a close look at all the open 2×2 spots in the base and be ready to deploy Healing Spells. If you see 2 of these spots, consider that there might be 2 Giant Bombs in a row and there’s nothing a Healing Spell can save:

clash-of-clans-double-giant-bombs clash of clans double giant bombs

Alright, this was the second episode of the three part mini-series, so I hope you’re looking forward to the third and final episode to show up very soon.
Edited by: StTroyIII