Monday, June 15, 2015

[PolyHack] Bluehack Remastered v1.7 -5000 Thanks, OpenGL Drawing

A work in progress hack which incorporates 3 main Polyhacks as a base.

Merccys Radar
Puddin Poppin's Subtle-aimbot & Triggerbot
Merccy's Glow ESP
A load of my own stuff.

1. Download PolyLoader
2. Open the PolyLoader and open this zipped hack file.
3. Start CS GO.
4. Open the hack while CSGO is running.
5. Follow the instructions to set the hotkeys.

Merccy2 - Polyloader, Radar, GlowEsp
Puddin Poppin - Original Subtle Aim + Trigger
Myself - Tons of other stuff
Any discrepancy's with the credits can be resolved if you pm me.


- OpenGL drawing so no lag and no flickering

It sometimes won't work after you compile it with PolyLoader due to an issue with the ESP breaking after the randomization. Just keep compiling it until it does.

Bhop scan codes (You will understand when you use it) can be found Here

ESP is now drawn with OpenGl and works in Fullscreen Windowed mode.
But hey, First time anyone has implemented External Drawing onto a Polyhack

Todo List
- Draw skeleton
- Possibly visibility detection
- Umm a load of other stuff i have in a notepad.

Thanks to @gerassss for helping people out in the comments.

I really am running out of ideas of what to add, So please request some stuff. Even if you requested it in the last thread you may request again here as i have probably forgotten

Download Now

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