Monday, June 8, 2015

Placing Troops Correctly For Farming

The most common farming strategies usually include Barbarians, Archers, and Goblins, and sometimes a combination of Giants, Wall Breakers and other troops. Weaker troops obviously require weaker bases, but sometimes there are no weak bases to be found so you have to settle for storages that are protected to get the resources required for very important upgrades! How to start your attack, and to identify a base’s weak points to use to your advantage, and even how fast you deploy your troops are very key when farming well-protected storages.
If you have a Barbarian King, you have some of your work cut out for you. An Archer Queen is even better for farming because she has excellent range and can shoot over walls, but not as many people have her so I will cover farming with heroes later in this article. For now we’ll start with square one; getting rid of the outside buildings and starting to crack into the first layer of the village.
Barbarians and Archers going into the center to the Elixir Storages Clash of Clans farming troop placement
The first step is to summon the Clan Castle and destroy the troops inside. If this step is skipped it could cause the end of the raid with no loot gained or even resources lost. Most people know how to destroy Can Castle troops so I won’t elaborate except for the fact that it should be summoned on the side of the base you intend to strike first.
The reason for this is because the Archers and Barbarians who survived can now start doing damage on the Mines, Pumps, Barracks etc. Space out your troops with individual taps along a large area instead of holding down your finger, and you may have better results. If there are gaps where there could be Spring Traps wait until the Barbarians trigger it, then send in your Giants or whatever else you use as your meat shield.
As you continue with your attack the important thing to remember is to be very careful with how fast you drop your troops. If they are dropped too fast they all get killed by a couple Mortar shells or Wizard Towers. If they are dropped too slow then they won’t do enough damage before get killed. So how do you hit the happy medium? The answer is: very carefully. Drop them slowly but fast enough that they won’t get killed before they can do anything. If you have a lot of troops running around the base, doing pretty well but clumped, then stop deploying and wait until their congestion goes down. I have to remind myself of this every time I raid because I have been able to get 50% on nearly max town hall 9s, but have failed on some really weak Town Hall 8 just because of the speed I deployed my troops.

Troop Fallacies and Antidotes

Here I have listed five ways your farming strategy could start to fail, and ways to correct it, or to make the best of it.
1. Troops clump together
Remedy: Don’t panic, just space your troops out further. Sometimes I spread mine out 180° along the base and I have better results.
2. Troops go the wrong way
Remedy: There isn’t really a remedy; the only thing you can do is drop your clan castle, the rest of your troops (if you are far into the base,
this is okay because the splash damage will be focused on your renegade troops anyway so you shouldn’t have to worry about getting your fresh troops killed), and pray you get your money.
3. You don’t make much progress into the base, maybe only 10-20%, and you have used at least half of your troops and they have all died. Remedy: It would probably do you better to accept your losses and move on to save hero health and the rest of your army instead of sending them off to be murdered. This has happened to me a couple times, and yeah, it stinks but it would do you better to keep your army for the next raid.
4. Troops get hung up on a Town Hall or clan castle or another high- hitpoint building and are getting drilled by defenses.
Remedy: If you have a rage spell, use it here, and you could rescue the attack. Otherwise, it would be better to attack from a different angle, or send in your clan castle to take care of that building.

Farming with Heroes

Farming with your heroes makes farming very easy, especially if you have both of them. The Barbarian King has a lot of hitpoints making him very effective at tanking. The Archer Queen and Barbarian King also make a great team because the Barbarian King can tank while the Archer Queen shoots down significant buildings like Mortars, so your weaker archers don’t get killed.
For some ideas on farming composition, be sure to check out these links:

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