Monday, June 8, 2015

OneHive Clan presents: Common Mistakes When Luring and Killing Enemy Clan Castle Troops

Let me first note down three of the most common mistakes by those who try to lure the Clan Castle. Continue reading below for more tips about Clan Castle luring as a whole.
First Mistake:
Don’t use your Clan Castle troops to kill off their Clan Castle troops. It can result in a total mess. Rather, for Clan Wars at least, take attack troops that target Defenses (Giants, Balloons, Hogs, or Golems) in your Clan Castle.
  • Reason: Your Clan Castle troops come out one by one. And to make matters worst, they come out at the SAME spot. Enemy Wizards or Dragons have an easy time against them and kill your troops with 1 shot of splash damage! You can’t control your Clan Castle troops’ deployment, so why use them for attacking? For example, carry 5 Hogs in your level 4 Clan Castle instead of Archers and Wizards. Use the same army composition, but this way you have much better control over your troops to kill their Clan Castle troops and Heroes. When you spread your troops, enemy splash troops fail.
First Example
Second Example
Third Example
Second Mistake: Do not use Heroes to kill Clan Castle troops unless you’ve somehow lost all of your troops. To avoid this situation, carry enough troops. Archer Queen can be cleverly used from a far range in some situations though, but using the Barbarian King is a total fail.
  • Reason: Your heroes have low attack speeds, higher damage outputs than needed, and their high health makes it perfect target for enemy wizards and archers to deal maximum damage. You are doing nothing but wasting 2 of the most important units in the game for a job best suited for Archers, Barbarians and Wizards.
Some Statistics: A level 6 Wizard deals 270 damage per attack. An Archer has 44 health. By using a hero to kill enemy Wizards, you are allowing enemy wizards to deal 270 attack damage to its maximum efficiency while an archer has 44 health. The Archer will be dead after 1 shot anyways – 44 damage or 270 damage, it doesn’t matter. Also, in Clash of Clans, units attack much slower than their usual attack speed when changing targets, hence making archers way better against their CC. Wizards usually attack once per 1.5 seconds, but have you ever noticed how they can take more than 1.5 seconds when changing targets? This happens to any unit – just observe Cannons. They take a long time to change targets, even with a high attack speed. It’s because when they are about to hit their second shot, their target may be dead already. You are using your Heroes’ high damage outputs to their least efficiency if you use them against enemy Clan Castle troops.
A level 5 BK deals 210 damage per attack – under his Iron Fist ability, it has a large percent of added damage on top. An enemy level 6 Wizard has 164 health. You better use the King’s humongous damage to hit an enemy building instead.
Check out the screenshots below to show how the attacker’s Heroes secured him a 2 star victory. They would have been dead if used against enemy CC with bad results anyways.
Third Mistake: Lured CC? Think again. Just because you lured out a few Archers and Wizards does not mean it’s totally empty. A single wizard left inside has the potential to lay waste to your raid. Clan Castle units come out according to their rank in the Barracks. Barbs first, Archers second, Gobs third, and so on. Dark Elixir troops come out after all regular Elixir troops are out and they come out according to their rank, too.
How do you avoid this?
Luckily during war, you get enough time to manually check your enemy’s CC level and capacity in case you can’t tell its level by simply looking at it. Now, count the troops if you can as they come out.
If you can’t count, simply carry enough troops to make sure you lure them all out until they stop coming out.
Back to Our CC Luring Basics
  • Luring: Now there are many different bases to be considered.
    Just try to lure from a place which is enclosed without any gaps (where traps can be placed).
  • Killing Clan Castle Troops. : Usually we always spread our troops and kill their CC. Your 5-10 barbs, 10-15 archers and a few wizards might not be enough to kill their CC troops when also battling Heroes. Carry more troops.
  • Using a Balloon to Kill Low HP Troops: Every balloon does a certain amount of splash damage when it gets killed and hits the ground.
    Balloon Level Four – 72
    Balloon Level Five – 108
    Balloon Level Six – 162
So if there are loads of low Hit Point troops like Archers, level 5 or lower Wizards, Barbarians, Witches, you can kill them all by grouping them up and then deploying a balloon so it will die on top of them and kill them all. If you’re planning on using this during Clan Wars, make sure you practice it OUTSIDE of Clan Wars. This trick takes some time to get used to, but it’s great for dealing with a high amounts of low HP troops. Here’s a video of a Balloon in action:

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