Sunday, June 7, 2015

Minimize the loot attackers can take from you

I know the headline might come a little lurid to you but in fact I want to show you how you can really make it very difficult for your attackers to take your precious resources and in reverse this will save you resources.

How loot is calculated

I don’t want to make a big math deal here. All that matters here is the loot that can be taken out of your Storages because all of us are visiting our villages frequently (see here how often you should actually do that: How login frequency affects your resources). Your attacker can take out certain percentage of what’s in your Storage, depending on your Town Hall Level.

Position, Position, Position

Let’s assume you’re a squirrel and you have to hide nuts for the hard winter. You can either hide them in one very save spot or in lots of different spots that aren’t that protected. The first option seems nice, but if someone will find this single spot he will take all of it and you are left with nothing at all – option number two will offer attackers the more easy way to get something, but because there are so many places they barely can take all of it. I think you can adapt that now to your base when looking at this mockup I created for you:
Clash-of-clans-farm-proof-base Clash of clans farm proof base
The Gold seems save, but the attacker could be able to crack it open and then everything is gone. It’s better to mix and spread the Storages more so you won’t lose all of it. Also, having that much on one single place is an extra attraction for potential attackers who want your loot. Please mind that I don’t want to do farming base design here, this is just an example to show you – here are some essentials for creating a good farming base.


Did I mention that putting Collectors and Mines inside Walls isn’t necessary because we log in frequently? Good. In my opinion putting them inside is just a waste of inside Walls space. Collectors and Mines are nice distraction for people who are destroying them for loot – it’s funny that the visual loot indication hasn’t been recognized by so many Clashers out there (I want to make a post about this tomorrow). There are so many attacker who just see a lot of resources and just attack the Mines and Collectors and leave the Storages alone. Now you can make them go hard for this “almost nothing” by mixing your Mines and Collectors outside. What would you rather attack? This here:
Clash-of-clans-spreading-mines-and-collectors Clash of clans spreading mines and collectors
or do you think this is more attractive for you (just outside Collectors):
Clash-of-clans-correct-mix-of-spreading-mines-and-collectors Clash of clans correct mix of spreading mines and collectors
Regarding the fear that you will get your filled Mines and Collectors looted just before you wake up in the morning… this is no reason to protect them with Walls! I’ve made a post about shield breaking a while ago where I show how you can almost completely prevent getting filled Collectors and Mines raided.

The last tweaking

Now that you have a solid base to give your farming attackers a hard time it’s time to really get the last percent out of it. Read here a post about Hiding Elixir which can also apply to Dark Elixir and this post about Hiding resources within your Clan Castle. I hope this wrapped up the farming basics from the loot perspective. If you have an additional tricks you use for making your base a stronghold of farming please share them in the comments :) simple smile

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