Monday, June 8, 2015

Master the Healing Spell

This is the second episode of the series Master the Spells in Clash of Clans and after the first episode was about the Lightning Spell this one is about the Healing Spell.

What the Healing Spell is Used For

Well, the name already tells that this Spell is used for restoring health with an attack in Clash of Clans. This episode will show you when you should use your Healing Spell, what Troops you should use it for and also how you place it most effectively.

Placing the Healing Spell Correctly

There are two things you can do wrong here and completely blow it up. The first one is placing a Healing Spell within the radius of a Multi-Traget Inferno Tower. Never do this because the targets are burnt so hot they can’t get healed. The Inferno Tower has this feature that is very ugly if you don’t mind it and makes your Healing Spell completely pointless and please don’t think something like “There are more than 20 Hog Rider and he only targets 5 of them” – The Hogs will go down that fast because of the damage of other buildings that you will honestly just waste the Healing Spell in this situation:

Healing Spell versus Inferno Tower Clash of Clans Healing Spell Inferno Tower

The next common mistake is that people tend to place the Healing Spell where their Troops are right now. The Healing Spell will last quite a long time after you drop it:

Healing Spell drop timing Clash of Clans Healing Spell timing

So always remember to drop the Healing Spell where your Troops will go and not where they are. You can see that the Hog Rider have left the radius a long time before the Healing Spell expires and they received the best healing possible from it:

Healing Spell still active after troops left Clash of Clans Healing Spell radius

When it comes to timing (you don’t only use the Healing Spell with Hog Riders) you should wait for the right time to place the Healing Spell. If you use Giants I always look how fast they will take damage and go down and try to get the healing active at about 50% hit points left. If you see them taking damage very quick you might want to drop the Healing Spell at 70% to make sure it gets activated before the Giants go down to 50%. If you do this a couple of times you might lose one attack for dropping it too late but you get a good feeling when to drop the Healing Spell – please don’t drop it in prevention when the Giants have full health because this would just waste you a lot of extra health.

What Troops are Supported by the Healing Spell

In general I see only Hog Riders, Giants and maybe Balloons getting a benefit from the Healing Spell in Clash of Clans. The Balloons actually perform better with a Rage Spell than a Healing Spell. I think it’s very obvious why the Healing Spell is wasted on Barbarians and Archers but maybe you ask why I don’t name Dragons or P.E.K.K.A here? If you compare their total health with the amount of healing the Healing Spell provides you will see that this is only a limited percentages. Those two kind of Troops (three if you also take the Lava Hound) are getting massive damage because they are normally attacked from a lot of buildings at once and the Healing Spell has his biggest benefit in healing groups. Let’s make a short example with actual numbers…
The Healing Spell Level 6 provides 1.600 health and a Dragon Level 4 has 2.500 hit points. Let’s say you manage to have a pack of 4 Dragons together in the range of the Healing Spell which is quite optimistic if you look how fast they spread out. This would mean in the perfect way that you will give them altogether 6.400 additional health. The max healing would be 64% of the Dragon but if you watch you see how fast they die when they are under heavy fire. If we now take a group of 20 Hog Riders we see that the additional healing would be 32.000 hit points. You see the difference here and the Healing Spell is the most powerful when you can use it on groups of troops and the best groups of troops are made by troops that target Defenses first because they don’t split up in lots of smaller groups that fast. Normally you see Giants and Hog Riders split up in 2 groups so you can keep them alive with Healing Spells easily and this is the reason I don’t recommend the Healing Spell for Dragons etc.
I hope this episode was helpful for you or maybe will in the future. The next episode will be about the Rage Spell.

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