Monday, June 8, 2015

Master the Freeze Spell

New week, new Spell in the Master the Spells Series and this time we will take a look at the Freeze Spell. Have you checked the Lightning Spell, Healing Spell and Rage Spell posts?

What the Freeze Spell is used for in Clash of Clans

You can use the Freeze Spell to stop all Defenses in a certain range to deal damage to your Troops as long the Freeze Spell is active. The real challenge is to have the right timing when you use it and also to place it in the exact spot to get most Defenses frozen.
A not very often used but very effective way to use the Freeze Spell is to use it on Clan Castle Troops if the Clan Castle is centralized and you have no opportunity to pull them out before you start your attack (especially in Clan War). You just wait until your Troops have gotten so far the Clan Castle Troops appear and as soon as they all came out you freeze them with the Freeze Spell.

Placing the Freeze Spell Correctly

The effectiveness of your Freeze Spell is depending on what Defenses you use it on – freezing 4 Archer Towers will not be that big of a benefit compared to Inferno Tower. You can also use it in Balloon setups to freeze an Air Defense so you see where you drop it depends on what you want to freeze. In general the most powerful defenses are in the middle of a base so this is probably the place where you use this Spell most of the times. You can also use it to freeze Clan Castle Troops or Heroes but you have to mind that the Freeze Spell will NOT freeze Air Troops if you want to freeze a Dragon coming out of an enemy Clan Castle. Also, the freeze effect will only apply to Troops and Defenses that are active in the range of the Spell when it’s dropped – Hidden Tesla appearing after the drop in the range or Clan Castle Troops that walk through the are afterwards are not affected by the freeze effect.

Freeze Spell in Clash of Clans radius Perfect freeze spell

In this Screenshot you see the range of the Freeze Spell and you can see that you can only freeze 4 buildings at once – theoretically it’s possible to get more frozen but you have to drop the Freeze Spell in the very exact spot which is very hard to achieve within a battle so don’t calculate with more than 4 buildings. This is very important if the Inferno Tower are not standing close to each other!
Please mind in your own base design to not put Inferno Towers or Air Defenses directly next to each other to prevent that someone can freeze them cheap with one Freeze Spell!

Timing the Freeze Spell right

You have brought the Freeze Spell for a reason – maybe you want to freeze some Air Defenses for your Dragons or Balloons or the Inferno Tower. My rough rule of the thumb is to wait for the moment when the Defense you want to use it on is starting to deal damage to the Troops you want to protect. This counts for freezing Defenses but if you plan on using it for Clan Castle Troops from a centralized Clan Castle you have to wait until all of the Troops have left the Clan Castle – otherwise you will only freeze some of them and the ones coming out after are not getting frozen.

What Troops are supported by the Freeze Spell

Use it for Dragons and Balloons to freeze Air Defenses that are very much inside or Golem based attacks to freeze the Inferno Tower. From my experience you can’t use it for Hog Rider attacks on bases with Multi-Target Inferno Tower because you will miss the 2 Healing Spells. I also heard sometimes to use it with BARCH to freeze Wizard Tower and Mortars but to be honest the Spell is quite expensive and takes almost forever to be created so I don’t see a point in using it together with BARCH.

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