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Make your attackers do what you want with trap funneling

Do you think that making a good base is only having a solid layout and and maxed out defenses? You are wrong, because you can get your attackers troops to exactly do what you want based on their AI and give them nice surprises with Traps – this is called Trap Funneling in Clash of Clans. I also did only put my traps somewhere and hoped that they will kick out some troops, but after constantly concentrating on trap funneling and positioning I learned that this makes the difference between a 40% and a 75% and also will scare expericened attackers away from your base as they know what is waiting for them. I found a good base layout on the internet to show you the different possibilities:
Clash-of-Clans-Trap-Funneling Clash of Clans Trap Funneling

Wallbreakers funneling

First of all I would like to point out that I also did a Wallbreaker-AI tactic you should read. When talking funneling with Wallbreaker you only have to know that they are atrackted by corners. In our example they will straight run towards certain points and if you know that you can point some regular Bombs there to just kill them. In this case you should try to not out the Bomb right next to the wall because it takes some time until the trigger makes it explode so try to put it one unit away from your Wall.
Clash-of-Clans-Trap-Funneling-Wallbreakers Clash of Clans Trap Funneling Wallbreakers
These are also the pieces of Walls you should upgrade first when trying to get your Walls to the next level. There is no way to take out all Wallbreakers but sometimes only one of them makes the difference.

Funneling the Giants

If we’re talking Wallbreakers we talk Giants as they are used in onw tactic and go together like traffic and weather. Let’s assume some of the Wallbreakers did manage to break your outer circle of Walls, then the Giants will go in there. There is nothing more effective and frustrating for attackers as if the Giants are blown away by Spring Traps. But why not just put Spring Traps right next to some defensive buildings? Because you only have a max of 6 Spring Traps and you want to blow up as much as possible. In our exaple base it is very good shown how the creator created a path they will take, no matter how they will get inside the base:
Clash-of-Clans-Trap-Funneling-Giants Clash of Clans Trap Funneling Giants
As you can see every path crosses at least two Spring Traps and because the Giants will together gather around the first Cannon they will attack they are in a pack that gets blown away together.

Funneling Goblins

Goblins are disgusting because if they are within your base they will take whatever they see and they are really fast! They do twice the regular damage on resource buildings and always go for them first. Your Mortar is just too slow to prevent big losses. But if you know this fact you can get them killed fast because they have not much healthpoints. Try to give them one first attracktion thex will gather together and then kill them with Bombs or Giant Bombs:
Clash-of-Clans-Trap-Funneling-Barbarians-Archers-Goblins Clash of Clans Trap Funneling Barbarians Archers Goblins
Also try to put your Wizard Towers next to that spot to kill the survivors.

Hog Riders and how to make their lives complicated

They are nasty because they don’t respect Walls and just jump over them in order to wipe out your defenses, but they are very weak against Spring Traps and Giant Bombs. They ways is not very predictable, but you shuld put Giant Bombs next to the first or secound building they will attack:
Clash-of-Clans-Trap-Funneling-Hog-Riders Clash of Clans Trap Funneling Hog Riders
Our example i not prepared for Hog Riders but it yould be! I have here an example what would happen if they will come across the Giant Bomb traps and let me tell you – this has no happy end for the Hog Riders.
24bjnnk.jpg 24bjnnk

Kill those Healers

If you manage to kill Healers very early in an attack you might turn around the battle. For killing them you will need to use the Seeking Air Mines and there is a secret you can use if you take a look at your own mindset. When and where would you put a Healer? After an Air Defence is destroyed, exactly! So put them right next to the Air Defences because your enemy will feel save after they got destroyed to send in his Healers. I did show you the points where they probably will be dropped so there should be your Seeking Air Mines:
Clash-of-Clans-Trap-Funneling-Healers Clash of Clans Trap Funneling Healers

Minions and Balloons

If your enemy likes flying units he will alwys drop one of them to see if the spot is save from regular Air Mines as they will take out a whole bunch of Minions and wound Balloons. What you do is not putting them where they directly will be trggered because you want your enemy to put lots of them together.

Putting the pieces together

You always have to know that you cannot use your Traps to ultimatly wipe our your opponent troops because they are limited, but you can weaken them very much if you place them on the right points. Best way to find out which are the most attractive spots for your enemies just take a look at the Replays of your last battles in order to know which two or three points are your enemys favourite spot.

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