Monday, June 8, 2015

Lost Clan War because of war loot snipers?

When Clan Wars came out there was the first problem to get lazy and very casual players in your clan to seriously attack. Most of our clans did kick out their inactive members, because they really make a difference in Clan Wars. If your clan has 40 members and only 15-20 of them are motivated to take part in Clan Wars you will have almost no chance to win that war, so you will probably kicked out the players not beeing interested or active any more.

What’s wrong with the prople doing Clan War Farming?

This also has been leading to another behaviour of clan member or also clan hoppers. What do they do? They just go and take the enemy bases with the best war bonus that has a exposed Townhall. This only takes very cheap troops and will them gain more than 500,000 Gold/Elixir with not investing any serious troops. The problem is that your clan only will recieve two stars from those two attacks instead of the six possible stars. This is jsut a waste because if you want to win you will need more stars from each base.
The other clan members will now have to attack again but somehow wasting an attack because this could have been done in one attack.
Someone only attacking the Town hall in Clan War Clash of Clans Clan Wars selfish sniping e1420818644294

How to stop Clan War Sniper?

Take a constantly look at your war log. You can see if someone (especially a new clan member) always get one star out of his attacks and he only snipes Town Halls. Sad but true but you’ll have to have a serious talk with him/her or otherwise kick him/her out of your clan. You cannot take that someone is only taking profig out of this and you loose your Clan War.
Maybe Supercell gets us some backup here by giving kicked players a huge cooldown on participating Clan Wars. Nevertheless it would also be great if there would not be any Townhall-sniping possibility by giving us our own War Base layout tool.

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