Tuesday, June 2, 2015

LoLSkinView - How much have you spent?

Hey everyone, I had originally communicated a bit before posting, just to make sure I didn't break the rules.. .I originally released the application a while back on Reddit and everyone said it's a password stealer etc. because you had to login via the PVPNET protocol. Major let down. So.... here is the new version.

I even had custom artwork done for it!! I included the virustotal links on the website already. But, I'll post them here again. I am in the process of talking to this "NANO" antivirus... Google them, first auto-suggested result that comes up is "false positive" lol. Anyways... Here you guys go...
^ Just random blabbing. Not important.

LoLSkinView. Please check it out!

What exactly is it?
Simple, quick and to the point skin viewer that lets you view the skins you own. Not only that, it calculates an average of how much you've spent total based off total RP purchased. Much more features to come... and 10x faster than elophant because I am not tunneling / using the PVPNet protocol at all! So, it won't kick you out. You don't even have to relogin or anything. Just follow the programs simple steps and you'll be good!