Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Integrate the Air Sweeper in your Base Design

I have used the last 2 days to excessively test the Air Sweeper to give you some help how you should integrate the brand new Air Sweeper in your base. This post will be dedicated to the defensive part of the Air Sweeper and soon I will make a post how you can handle the Air Sweeper when attacking. I think most of us already started building the Air Sweeper as it is available quite soon and also don’t cost that much of a fortune.

How the Air Sweeper works in our base design

I think you know that the Air Sweeper doesn’t do any damage but it really good keeps attacking air units away from your base – especially slower ones. You have about 120 degree radius where the Air Sweeper sweeps away units so you can use it perfectly to cover a certain space of your base.

Cover radius doesn’t mean attacking radius

The covered area is nice but the actual attacking radius is much smaller – I did some photoshop to make the difference clear for you:

air sweeper defending air sweeper base design attacking radius

You can very clearly see that it only attacks in about one third of the attacking area which makes it not that powerful against many smaller and faster units. In my defensive replays I see my Air Sweeper Level 3 almost handling 2 packs of Balloons.

Deep in the base or more outside

Now the first thing I want to tell you is that you should place your Air Sweeper quite deep inside your base because you just saw that the attacking power is limited by the radius – the more inside the Air Sweeper pushes the more units he can cover in relation to its radius. Also it’s very important because it can’t get destroyed that easily unless someone invests 3 Lightning Spells (or several Rage Spells)

How useful it is depends what it covers

The next important thing is that you know that the Air Sweeper itself is only powerful in the right community of Defenses. When your Air Defenses don’t cover the sweeping radius you only will have the small benefit that the Air Sweeper interrupts attacks but the units will come back. The most powerful setup is having the Air Sweeper push units with the radius of Air Defenses.

Air Sweeper gives you some silence

I published a post about Anti-Lavaloonion Base Design where I mentioned to double Trap certain Air Defenses and hope that most attacks start there. The Air Sweeper makes this now a dream defending. You can cover the Air Defenses without double Seeking Air Mines by the Air Sweeper and be sure that almost no attacker will start the attack from the side of the Air Sweeper but start it in the back of the Air Sweeper – and this will the side where you can just place all your Air Traps.

lavaloonion trap placement seeking air mine versus lava hounds

This is an example of it which works quite good – you can see the southern part being covered by the Air Sweeper (and never attacked so far by air attacks) and the northern part has double Seeking Air Mines which will give all Lava Hounds a bad day.

air sweeper h10 base design for town hall 10 air sweeper base design

First impression of the Air Sweeper

People called for less powerful air attacks and got what they wanted – right now it’s hard to tell if the Air Sweeper is really that big of a game changer for air attacks as most Clashers are right now upgrading it and have it not active. I think we will see some strategies being less effective again and I assume especially lower Town Halls will now be less defenseless against mass Dragon attacks and the Lavaloonion style will also change a little bit.
I heard several Clashers saying air attacks are now dead but please keep in mind that the Air Sweeper only cover a small area and only in one direction and especially in the late Master and Champions League there are only very few 3-Star attacks so this will not make them dead.

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