Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Integrate 4 Mortars in your design

After the Halloween 2014 Update brought us a 4th Mortar (if you have the sufficient Town Hall level), I received lots of requests for new 4 Mortar layouts. In this post, I want to show you how you can keep your own layout you learned to love, and how you can re-arrange it to make the 4th Mortar fit. I will show you the technique with some examples, and if you think it’s impossible to do with your layout, drop me a mail and I will show you the best way to update your layout.

Changing to a 4 Mortar layout

4 Mortars are not only giving you more splash damage, they change a lot. The simple idea of a solid base design is always having a symmetrical layout that will cover everything in the same strength. If you have 3 of a defense, you do a triangle, 4 make a rectangle, and so on – here’s a simple drawing from a former Weekly Base Analysis post that shows this in a great way:

clash-of-clans-weekly-base-analysis-part-12-layout-checkup-symmetric clash of clans weekly base analysis part 12 layout checkup symmetric

You can see how everything is symmetrical with equal coverage. So now, what’s changing with the 4th Mortar? You will have to rearrange some buildings so this concept gets applied to your new base layout. Here are some examples to accomplish this task:

Switching buildings to integrate the 4 Mortars

Here are some base designs from the War Bases for Winners posts. I’m not telling you to adopt this layout exactly, I just want to show you the thoughts behind it, so you can update YOUR LAYOUT. Why am I doing this instead of posting some new sample layouts? Simply, because every one of us learned to love the layout we currently have and you invested a lot of time in fine-tuning it with Traps etc. There is absolutely no need in doing this with another base design! Here we go.
Example Number 1:

clash-of-clans-war-base-town-hall-9-anti-hog-rider clash of clans war base town hall 9 anti hog rider

This layout is quite simple. I would just replace the Cannon between Gold Storage and Elixir Storage with the 4th Mortar on the right side. You will get a perfect rectangle and it will work out perfectly.
Next Example:

clash-of-clans-war-base-town-hall-8 clash of clans war base town hall 8

Now, it’s getting more complicated. You have spinning triangles with Wizard Towers and Air Defenses in the center. So here’s my approach:

clash-of-clans-war-base-4-mortars clash of clans war base 4 mortars

Rotate the buildings a little bit and put the 4th Mortar where the yellow spot is. We have harmony in the core and our enemies will have a harder time now. I might as well mention how you will need to move one buildings outside (1 more building inside means less space, after all). Move the weakest buildings outside. In this case, it’s the Gold Storage.

Conclusion to 4 Mortar layouts

I hope you understand the concepts of this post, so you can make your layout 4th Mortar work well. Here’s a short checklist:
  • Get the layout of your base in your head
  • Move the “most” useless building (or better said, the less useful) outside
  • Rearrange until get the triangle, rectangle, etc. of defenses in place
  • Win
Remember, if you need some help, just send me a mail with your layout so I can try to help you with updating your base.
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