Monday, June 8, 2015

Ideal Troop Queueing in Clash of Clans

Training Troops in Clash of Clans is probably after pushing the “Next” Button the most used thing. In this post I want to show you some techniques that might help you not only training your Troops faster but also help you with donating Troops in your Clan.

How to queue your Troops perfect

Let’s start off with the basic which is queueing your Troops in the way they get trained the fast possible way. When you use more simple setups like BARCH, Hog Rider, mass Dragon or als LavaLoonian you’re not having a hard time training them because it’s pretty easy to share them between your Barracks. I think we can easily say that every one of us has a preferred composition that we use most of the time and we have one single goal here – sharing the training time in a way between all Barracks to have the lowest training time possible.

Hide Dark Elixir in your Barracks from attacker Clash of Clans Dark Barracks hide dark elixir

The most simple way is using one of the Army Planner Tools out there. I know there are lots of websites out on the web but I personally like having an App for it way more:

army planner to queue troops perfect in clash of clans Clash of Clans army planner website e1428867322876

Either use the one at Clashingtools or this iOS App:

Queueing order matters!

When you start attacking – I mean when you deploy your first Troops – your open queue is start getting processed while you’re attacking. If you know this you can get a small additional advantage when you order your queued Troops like you deploy them most. In most cases it doesn’t matter but when you use a composition where you not always deploy all of your Troops in each attack and sometimes are able to save some of them you want the Troops your deploy first be the Troops that get trained again first.
This is possible for setups like LavaLoonion where you sometimes are able to save a Lava Hound when you come across a base with an half-baked aerial Defense.

How to queue for donation requests?

You probably know the situation when you queued all Troops perfectly and everything is working fine but you use a composition that is not really meeting the donation requests of most of your clam mates. You have Lava Hounds and Balloons and Minions in your Army Camps but most requests want Archers and Wizards – now you have the problem that you can’t really donate because you have nothing to donate for them or you have to break your own troop production queue.

Clash-of-Clans-donation-request Clash of Clans donation request e1428869498190

I personally always keep myself 3 Wizards and 5 Archers in my composition even when they are not part of the composition – in doing so I can always donate some Troops for my clan friends and if they are active I don’t mind because I can use them in any kind of attacking style I use together with my Heroes cleaning up.

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