Monday, June 8, 2015

How will the Hero changes affect strategies

Since yesterday the big new about the changes on the Heroes broke the community in two parts – the ones that don’t like the changes even if they have not seen it in real action and the other who hope that the changes will be good balanced. No one can really tell wich side will be right but there is one thing everyone will agree to: these changes will affect defensive and attacking strategies crucial. Before you continue you should read the changes in detail here.

Hog Rider impact

I will start off with the Hog Rider only tactic because everyone assumed that the Hog Riders will get nerfed in this update as being very overpowered especially in Town Hall 9 regions. One part of this tactic is that the Heroes will chase them around the base and because the Heroes are slower than the Hog Riders they don’t have to deal with them until most of the defensive buildings are destroyed. With the new AI of the Heroes they will have to deal with the Heroes right away and also have the Mortars etc. constantly taking their health. I think this will be the nerf for the Hog Riders lots of people expected.
Clan-Wars-hog-riders-attack Clan Wars hog riders attack

Implement the Jump Spells in your tactic

If someone puts the Heroes platforms right in the middle of the base next to the Town Hall they will stay there until you enter their radius. One new strategy will most likely be luring your own troops to the center as quick as possible using the new ability of the Jump Spell which will be a magnet for all your deployed troops on the map (not in the radius!)

Farming with BAM/BARCH will get more easy

If you are using BAM or BARCH for farming enemy bases you will most of the time attack bases with outside Collectors/Mines and maybe bases where you can snipe a Storage over the Walls. The only thing that ruins your day is when the Heroes enter the fight so you have to invest much more troops affecting the time until you can attack again. This will get more easy when the Heroes are inside the Base and staying next to their platform because they will not enter the defense that often.
clash-of-clans-july-2014-hero-defending-area-changes clash of clans july 2014 hero defending area changes

Defensive decisions

Right now you place your Heroes platform right in the middle to have the biggest possible trigger radius for them. One big advantage we will get is that you can put them where you need them because they will stay close to their platform and defend in that area – no more luring from your attackers. If you decide to put them more outside you will gain 2 free spots in your precious base core.

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