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How to protect Dark Elixir against Lightning Spells

A couple of weeks ago I made a post how you can get Dark Elixir – especially if you don’t have Dark Elixir Drills yourself but you want to get your Barbarian King. This time I want to show how you can defend yourself against people who constantly keep using Lightning Spells against your Dark Elixir Storage. I think lots of you know this situation if you have like 90% of the upgrading costs saved for the next Hero upgrade but you just get these Lightning Spell attacks all the time, but how are you able to protect Dark Elixir specifically?

Protect Dark Elixir from Lightning Spells Clash of Clans protect Dark Elixir against Lightning Spells
Check your Defense Log to revenge people taking your Dark Elixir with Lightning Spells

The problem is that they will not get your base destroyed for at least 40% so you will not get a shield and worst case the next one with a Lightning Spell right afterwards – loosing a couple of thousand Dark Elixir per day is more than you can earn with your Drills. So what can you do about this? Bad news first, there is no way you can completely prevent getting zapped. Anyway there are some things you can do to make this at least not a every days business in your base.

Protect Dark Elixir – How to prevent that someone uses Lightning Spells on your Dark Elixir Storage

Like i just said there is no real way to prevent that someone can use a Lightning Spell on your Dark Elixir Storage. However if you have a lot and want protect Dark Elixir you should expose your Town Hall so you can get a cheap shield until you have enough Dark Elixir to start the upgrade you want to make. If you have a solid defense setup it’s very likely that lots of players will skip it and this will rise the probability that someone who is looking to use Lightning Spells on Dark Elixir Storages will stumble upon your base.
Also keep in mind that this behavior is only common in certain trophy ranges – I haven’t seen this in trophy ranges 2400+. Dropping to a certain trophy level is not helping much but if you are at home in the trophy range 1400-2400 the only thing you can do to prevent this is exposing your Town Hall.

How to protect Dark Elixir from Lightning Spells as good as possible

Ok, it happens from time to time that someone will use the Lightning Spells and take 1000-2000 Dark Elixir from you. One important thing to decrease the amount they can take from you is upgrading your Dark Elixir Storage as high as you can. The amount of Dark Elixir they can take from you is bound on the percental amount of destruction and higher level Storage means more health points. This is not bringing the situation to a solution but it definitely helps.
You can also use your Dark Barracks to hide some Dark Elixir in there . Be careful if you forget that you have something in there you will maybe have some useless troops in your Army Camps and wasted the protected Dark Elixir.

What to do if someone took your Dark Elixir with Lightning Spells

Eye for an eye, right? If you see that someone just zapped your Dark Elixir you should check out their base with the revenge feature – see here a post about how you can scout their bases for free before you attack. Most of the time someone will do this you will face a base with lower Town Hall level and not very strong defenses – you can get your Dark Elixir back from them.

What Supercell could do about this

There are lots of proposals in the community and maybe one day Supercell will do something about this. On the other hand you can have a Dark Elixir Storage and the Barbarian King before you can produce it yourself – there is some kind of intent behind this so don’t have to many hopes that Supercell will do something about this in the near future.

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