Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How to Place Gold Mines, Elixir Pumps and Other Buildings to Defend

Have you ever thought that you Gold mines and Elixir Pumps were only for giving you resources? Tired of getting 1 starred by Archers that pick off your outer buildings? This guide is meant to help you maximize the efficiency of your base, and to show the power of delaying your opponent. So why should we care about these buildings. They don’t attack the opponent or do any damage. For one let’s say you have a Clan Castle in the center of your base that you don’t want lured out. But the radius is just outside your defenses. What do you do? You slap an Army Camp there that’s what you do.

clash-of-clans-prevent-clan-castle-trigger clash of clans prevent clan castle trigger

Army Camp’s are your best friend

I’ll start with Army Camps because they are the largest building I am going to talk about. They are 5 tiles long and 5 tiles wide. I like making little pockets with my point defenses for my Army camps so they fit right in. This way, I can still defend the army camp with my Archer Towers, and still force the opponent to invest 10-15 Archers rather than 1. But the best part is that even if they take out the army camps, they still can’t spawn on it, which means Wall Breakers are going to have a tough time breaking though your walls.

clash-of-clans-mortar-dead-zone-help clash of clans mortar dead zone help

If you use an Army camp in conjunction with a Cannon that has a spring trap entrance, the opponent is more like to send in multiple Giants rather than just one that will get shot down while trying to cross over the Army Camp. Army Camps can also be used to cover the “Dead Zone” of Mortars and to cover Air Bombs so that many Minions could get wiped out at once.