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How to integrate the Barbarian King into your attack

How do you integrate your Barbarian King into your attack strategy? I hope you don’t just deploy him and then let him run free – your Heroes are one of the most central part of your attack and there are different ways to use them. I want to start with the Barbarian King and show you different methods to use him in the attack and how you can adapt them by evaluating situations the right way. To give you some introduction I can also recommend you the Raiding Checklist series to give you an idea how planning your attack works.

Use the Barbarian King for Troop Control

When talking about everyday bases you see you will face one common setup: core, outside layer(s) and buildings around it. Sometimes you need to clear them because you want your troops go inside (this affects PEKKA’s and Dragons most of the time) so you have to clear up the surrounding buildings before you deploy them.

Clash-of-Clans-hero-cleaning-outside-buildings Clash of Clans hero cleaning outside buildings

A lot of people take some smaller troops to do this but they will just die before destroying all the buildings you want destroy. Using the Barbarian King is perfect because he has enough health to survive for some time (especially with his special ability) and he deals enough damage to destroy the buildings outside which most of the times are Army Camps, Collectors etc. with not that much health. When the job is finished you can deploy the rest of the troops and watch them directly go to the inner layers.
Clash-of-Clans-control-troops Clash of Clans control troops e1409833594636

Use the Barbarian King as Tank

The Barbarian King is a hell of a tank with his health points and the healing of his ability. if you need something to distract defensive buildings from smaller units like Wizards but you don’t have any more Giants or Golems in your pocket he is a great taker. make sure you deploy him before you deploy the other troops so the defensive buildings will attack him first.
This is also useful to “test the water”. If you don’t want to lose Giants in Spring Traps you can send him in first and if there is a Spring Trap he will not get killed because he is simply not taking anything from a Spring Trap. Within that period you can drop your Wallbreakers so your Giants can directly go for the inner layer.

Introducing: Wallbreaker King?

Sometimes things go wrong and your Giants are just hitting on a Wall piece forever but somehow all your Wallbreakers are lost and there is heavy splash damage raining on them – deploying other troops would be a suicide mission for them but you need to get through that Wall as soon as possible.
Barbarian King breaking through a Wall Clash of Clans hero tanking e1409837877946
I know this is not a very common situation but it will happen from time to time and then you are glad to have the barbarian King with you to help smashing through the Wall and also increase the damage with his special ability.

Town Hall sniping

Let’s say you are using an expensive army composition and you stumble upon a base with an exposed Town Hall, but why do you want to attack the whole base if there are not enough resources or the setup is not very good for your army – because maybe you have all Dragons but there are inside maxed Air Defenses. You don’t want to next an exposed Town Hall, right? But sending one Dragon to destroy the Town Hall isn’t nice either. You can use your Barbarian King (or Archer Queen) to take it down because when they are not “killed” (I know they can’t be killed) they can be used right after it without regenerating. Sometimes exposed Town Halls are covered by Traps or Hidden Teslas, but you will probably not lose him when you use his special ability and Heroes only need to heal the lost health points.

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