Monday, June 8, 2015

How to integrate the Archer Queen into your attack

After the last post I did show you some tactics how you can use your Barbarian King in attacks I want to show you the same for your Archer Queen today. Like I told already in the Barbarian Kings part I really recommend you the Raiding Checklist series to give you an idea how planning your attack works. Now that we got the introduction done let’s get started.

Let the Archer Queen clean outside for better Troop Control

Now I’m not just copy-pasting what I wrote in the Barbarians Kings part. Let’s assume you use the Archer Queen in addition to your Barbarian King – what you will probably do at least in 93% of all attacks – then you can use both of them together perfectly for cleaning outside because you have even a little more control if you use them together. Let me give you an example how I use them quite often. Here’s the situation and what I want to do is cleaning the outside buildings so my Dragons are able to move directly into the core. I have a big problem:

Clash-of-Clans-Archer-Queen-best-practise-using Kopie Clash of Clans Archer Queen best practise using Kopie

If I deploy my Barbarian King at X1 he will take out the Elixir Collector first but then I’m not very sure – Gold Mine or Barrack? On the other hand if I will deploy him at X2 I’m not very sure what will happen after he destroyed the Dark Barrack. Worst case that can happen would be that the outside Collectors aren’t destroyed and my Dragons would split up and get killed by the Air Defense. So here’s what I will do with my Archer Queen:

Clash-of-Clans-Archer-Queen-supporting-Barbarian-King-attack-control Clash of Clans Archer Queen supporting Barbarian King attack control

I deploy her in between Elixir Collector and Barrack. Now I try to place her so she will destroy the Barrack first by placing her a little closer to the Barrack than to the Elixir Collector and, maybe you guessed it, all my doubts are gone. My Barbarian King can destroy the Dark Barrack and because the Barrack will be gone in the moment he will focus on the next building so he will go to the Elixir Collectors:

Clash-of-Clans-Archer-Queen-supporting-Barbarian-King-happy-end Clash of Clans Archer Queen supporting Barbarian King happy end

You see if you use both of them wisely you can control them quite good. it takes some time until you do this calculation easily so I recommend you practicing it in a Clan War where you can check out the base for hours.

Let the Archer Queen clean what’s left

On the other side you can also use the Archer Queen to clean up what’s left. This is something you will mainly use in tactics where you use defensive orientated compositions like Ballooning, Hog Riders or Lava Hounds. You send her in after the battle field is left with buildings that can’t deal damage so she can comfortably take those buildings out while the other troops are still fighting defensive buildings on the other side or maybe already died.

Clash-of-Clans-Archer-Queen-integration-cleaning-Balloons Clash of Clans Archer Queen integration cleaning Balloons

If you are using her in that way always know when to surrender to save yourself some regeneration time.

Introducing: The Archer Queen is a Town Hall Sniper

Sometimes there is something you really hate showing up in a base you attack. This can be a certain building like an Air Defense or maybe the Dragon in the Clan Castle while you’re using Hog Riders. Ok maybe there’s a completely filled Gold Storage next to the Wall but I think the first cases fit more realistic. You can use the Archer Queen “hit-and-run” style against them.
Just let her target your desired (or hated) target and time her ability. I really enjoy that versus Dragons or single Air Defenses as this saved me some stars a couple of times. On the other hand I only use this in emergencies because the Queen will get killed and I have to wait the full regeneration period.

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