Sunday, June 7, 2015

How to Hide Elixir

You’ve been farming all day, you’ve used all of your Gold on Walls and that expensive Tesla, and you have 2 million resources of Elixir left – but it’s time for bed and there’s no Builders left – what do you do? Some of you may already know this trick, but depending on your Town Hall level, you can “hide” up to 603,200 in Elixir. It may sound impossible, but it’s easier than you think. Let’s get started.

Fill the Camps First

The first step in hiding your Elixir is filling up your Army Camps. You can fill your Army Camps with whatever you want – preferably an expensive army (like Dragons) in order to use more Elixir. Filling up your Army Camps allows you to queue more troops in your Barracks without the troops being released into the Army Camps, therefore using up more Elixir. The next part can be confusing, but just know that the troop composition you fill your Barracks with changes based on 2 things: The levels of your Barracks and the levels of your troops.

Prepare the “Wagon” Army

The next step in hiding Elixir is filling up your Barracks. Like I just said, the types of troops you cook up depend on your Barrack and troop levels. When you upgrade your Barracks you are able to hold more troops inside them, and when you upgrade your troops they cost more to make – which in this case is not a bad thing.
The “Wagon” army is simply a combination of Dragons and/or Wall Breakers (sometimes including an Archer). If you’re not sure why you would queue Dragons and Wall Breakers in your Barracks, it’s simply because they are the most expensive troops to make – Wall Breakers being expensive in large quantities.
clash-of-clans-unqueue-troops-when-hiding-resources clash of clans unqueue troops when hiding resources
Now I will tell you what the best combination of troops to fill your Barracks with is for each Town Hall (levels 3-10). Remember, these combinations depend on your Barrack levels and troop levels, so for the sake of this post I will assume you have max level Barracks and max level troops for your Town Hall.
Town Hall 10: Three level 4 Dragons + Seven level 6 Wall Breakers + One level 6 Archer in each of the four level 10 Barracks = 603,200 Elixir
Town Hall 9: Three level 3 Dragons + Seven level 5 Wall Breakers + One level 6 Archer in each of the four level 10 Barracks = 517,200 Elixir
Town Hall 8: Three level 3 Dragons + Seven level 5 Wall Breakers + One level 5 Archer in each of the four level 10 Barracks = 516,800 Elixir
Town Hall 7: Three level 2 Dragons in each of the four level 9 Barracks = 360,000 Elixir
Town Hall 6: Twenty-seven level 3 Wall Breakers + One level 3 Archer in each of the three level 8 Barracks = 162,360 Elixir
Town Hall 5: Twenty-five level 2 Wall Breakers in each of the three level 7 Barracks = 112,500 Elixir
Town Hall 4: Twenty-two level 2 Wall Breakers + One level 2 Archer in each of the three level 6 Barracks = 99,240 Elixir
Town Hall 3: Twenty level 1 Wall Breakers in each of the two level 5 Barracks = 40,000 Elixir

Don’t Forget to Cash In

You’ve been sleeping all night, you’ve just woken up, and you have thousands of Elixir hidden in your Barracks – it’s time for raiding. So… what do you do now? You un-queue your Wagon army and take a morning shower in your Elixir! The most important part of this trick is collecting the Elixir you’ve saved inside your Barracks by clicking the red “minus” button (blue circle in the above picture) to un-queue the troops inside. It’s also important that you don’t donate troops to anyone until your Barracks are empty. You wouldn’t want the Wall Breakers you’ve prepared to join your Balloonian army.
I hope you all enjoy this trick and use it to your advantage. Be sure to comment your thoughts and let me know if you’d be interested in learning the best way to hide Dark Elixir.

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