Monday, June 8, 2015

How to Hide Dark Elixir in Clash of Clans

Hey Clashers, it’s Kyle here, to talk about another tip on how to “hide” resources. I previously posted on how to hide regular Elixir. If you haven’t read on how this process works, go here to read about it. Now, I’m here to talk about the best way to hide Dark Elixir since the December update has supplied Town Hall 7 up to Town Hall 10 with more Dark Elixir – with the Dark Elixir Drill being available at Town Hall 7, an extra Drill available at Town Hall 8, and reduced Inferno Tower reload costs!

Prepare the Troops to hide Dark Elixir

Now that you know how the process works, I’m simply going to tell you what the best combination of troops to fill your Dark Barracks with is for each Town Hall that has Dark Elixir capability (levels 7-10). These combinations depend on your Barrack levels and troop levels, so for the sake of this post, I will assume you have max level Barracks and max level troops for your Town Hall.
Hide Dark Elixir in your Barracks from attacker Clash of Clans Dark Barracks hide dark elixir
Queue expensive Troops in your Dark Barracks so this Dark Elixir can’t even been taken from you

**I have made Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 9 the same entry since the levels of what’s used don’t change between them. I have also included three entries for Town Hall 8 since I know level 2 Golems and level 2 Valkyries at this Town Hall are uncommon.
Town Hall 10/9: Seven level 2 Witches + One level 5 Hog Rider in each of the Two level 6 Dark Barracks = 10,060 Dark Elixir
Town Hall 8: Two level 2 Golems + Two level 4 Hog Riders in each of the Two level 4 Dark Barracks = 2,332 Dark Elixir
Town Hall 8: Eight level 2 Valkyries + One level 4 Hog Rider in each of the Two level 4 Dark Barracks = 1,716 Dark Elixir
Town Hall 8: Fourteen level 4 Hog Riders in each of the Two level 4 Dark Barracks = 1,624 Dark Elixir
Town Hall 7: Ten level 2 Hog Riders in the One level 2 Dark Barrack = 450 Dark Elixir

Hide Elixir? Don’t Forget to Cash In!

You’ve been sleeping all night, you’ve just woken up, and you have thousands of Dark Elixir hidden in your Dark Barracks – it’s time for raiding. So… what do you do now? You un-queue your army and take a morning shower in your Dark Elixir! The most important part of this trick is collecting the Dark Elixir you’ve saved inside your Dark Barracks by clicking the red “minus” button (-) to un-queue the troops inside. It’s also important that you don’t donate troops to anyone until your Barracks are empty. You wouldn’t want the troops you’ve prepared to join your army camps – you’ll lose your Dark Elixir!
I hope you all enjoy this trick and use it to your advantage. Be sure to comment your thoughts down below.
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