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How to get more loot in Clash of Clans

Loot Problems, adapted League Bonus and many more things happened last year in Clash of Clans and while some recovering slowly I still get lots of questions how to get more Loot. The Loot you get from your raids is simply the Loot you can take – there’s not much to change. If you feel that your Loot situation is still bad I have wrapped up some things here you might whant to check to improve your own Loot situation because maybe you do things that just decrease the Loot you can have.

To get more Loot you have to check if you do some things that decrease your Loot

Easily spoken it’s not how to get more Loot – it’s what you should not do to not get bad Loot. There is no magic thing you can do to suddenly just get a lot of Loot but I have 7 things you need to check because they might actually be responsible for your bad Loot.

Much loot in Clash of Clans clahs of clans bad loot situation september 2014
How much you loot is depending on several things

Check if you’re in the right League

Since the League Bonus got increased with the Halloween 2014 Update it makes a bigger part of what you earn while farming. Before that the most common way was just using BARCH to get the Loot and end the attack. Now it’s very important you are within a League that offers you bases you can attack with enought Loot and you should always go for at least 1 Star. I personally only have between 10-20% of my farming attacks without a League Bonus and I only do that when I come accross very juicy bases. You can check out the detailed changes in the League Bonus here and here you’ll find my general Trophy Ranges for farming depending on your Town Hall Level. Please also don’t listen to the people telling you that Sub 200 farming is worth it – it is not and with the current setup of the abandonned bases never will.

Are you getting enough Loot from your Clan War?

Clan War generates a lot of Loot out of nowhere and with the War Bonus it has become a solid part of most players income. You should take a look at your results and if you’re not getting enough out of it please check:
  • You’re not getting a lot of War Bonus because you do not win most of your attacks? Check the Setup and Villages you attack more closely. It’s hard to tell from the scratch what’s causing this so you should maybe read some more Clan War related tactics.
  • You’re winning your attacks but the War Bonus hardly pays off. In this case you either attack to low Town Halls for the easy 3 Stars or maybe you use a very expensive Troop Setup. Doing a mass Dragon attack is quite successful but also expensive – maybe try using a cheaper but also effective setup. Less cost means more Loot.
  • Your War Bonus is fine but you don’t get it because your Clan is not winning most of the Clan Wars. Although this is something you can’t affect yourself there are ways to improve your Clan effectivity. Maybe you get matched against too strong opponents?
With the Halloween 2014 Update the War Bonus also got increased and you even get more if you lose the War. I think this is one of the most effective way to get more Loot in general.

You’re using the wrong setup for farming

Like in the Clan War attacks you shouldn’t use very expensive compositions to farm. The best way to farm is still using BARCH or BAM. Just calculate the costs of your average setup (Troops + Spells) and ask yourself if that’s the number you can get from an average attack. My rule of the thumb is that the attack itself should cover up the costs and the League Bonus is the profit range.

How about your scouting skills?

In general I think your skills are sufficent for knowing which kind of base you can attack and win and which ones will just burn the Troops in your pocket. Anyway everyone can improve so do you only see the number of resources you can Loot and match shortly if you can take down the base? Take it one step further in checking if you could maybe get some Loot in “hit-and-run” style from the Storages, Collectors or also maybe the Loot out of the Clan Castle. You might not get the League Bonus but you can get 100k of resources by investing just a small part of your Troops.

More loot with focus attacking clash of clans raiding plenty of gold with archers
Raiding a lot of Gold with Archers by focus attacking and Wall sniping

Another thing when we talk about scouting is nexting. Each time you want to see another base you have to pay (up to 1,000 Gold) and this adds up merciless. I sometimes start scouting with like 50k Gold and I’m surprised myself how fast I have spent all of it just nexting. Always have an eye on how much you spent scouting – I generally stop searching when I haven’t found a proper target in 50 bases. I just wait for half an hour and start raiding later.
Note: When I boost my Barracks I always do at least 1 raid before to check the general situation to not waste the Gems. I check if there are good bases to get more Loot and not have a zero profit farming session on Gems.

You get enough Loot but also lose a lot

Sometimes you just got raided too much and you lose a lot of resources you raided. You should check our Defense Log – maybe it looks like that:

Defense Log with losing a lot of resources clash of clans anti barching defense log1
Defense Log showing that a lot of Loot is taken away from you

Here are some first steps you can do to solve this situation:
  • Do you have your Town Hall exposed correctly? This will help you having a cheap shield most of the time.
  • Are your Storages protected enough in your layout or is it possible for attacker to snipe the Storages over your outside Walls?

Is there an Event or Update going on that will cause a bad Loot situation globally?

Sometimes it’s simply nothing you can influence. When there is an Event (like the Barbarian Event or the Wizard Event) a lot of player are more active than usual so the good bases to raid are mostly already raided. Also if there is an update coming up very soon or just happened lots of inactive player become active again to check out the things. I have wrapped up some things about that in this post about a bad loot situation.

Are you raiding in the wrong time?

The most active times are in the morning when everybody checks his base for the first time and in the evening between 8-10 p.m. The matching process is globally so you should check out which timeszones the USA, India, China, Central Europe are in relation to the timezone you’re within. The best thing to do is getting a feeling so note yourself the times when you had very bad loot sessions and very good Loot sessions and you find a pattern after several days.

Conclusion of getting more Loot in Clash of Clans

If you apply those things you will recognize an increase in your overall income and you will have more Loot. Don’t listen to things like getting more juicy Server with changing your game language. The matchmaking is completly global and the global chatroom you’re inside has absolutely no influence on that.

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