Monday, June 8, 2015

How to Get a Head Start in Clan Wars

Clan Wars aren’t won on the Battle Day – the Battle Day is the result of your work during the Preparation Day. I have posted on an older post (how to win almost every Clan War) that it is very crucial to make a good start on the Battle Day to demoralize your opponent and maybe even cause some of the enemy clan members to resign. Here are some hints on how you can prepare a perfect head start in the Battle Day with the right moves on Preparation Day.

Prepare Yourself for Enemy Clan Castle Troops

While most of us think that it is important to have good troops within your War Base’s Clan Castle it is also important what troops your army will face during your attacks. There is a great way to see what’s going on in your opponents’ War Bases because you can see how many troops are filled within the enemy’s Clan Castle when using the scouting feature on the War Map:

Clash-of-Clans-Clan-Wars-see-whats-inside-enemy-clan-castle Clash of Clans Clan Wars see whats inside enemy clan castle

Did you know that? In this case it stayed exactly like that, so the base I was attacking here was completely empty – something quite useful to know before your attack. You will not always have that much luck and the Clan Castle is probably filled in 99 out of 100 times. The useful thing is that you should have a close look t the bases right after the Clan War Preparation Day starts to see the pattern of how the Clan Castle gets filled – let me give you some examples:
  • If you see steps like 5,10,15,20 and you can assume that this clan donates mostly Archers
  • If you see steps like 4,8,12,16 and you can assume that this clan likes to fill the Clan Castles with Wizards
  • If you see them almost instantly full or filled by 20 you have to expect a Dragon (if it’s not a Dragon you are lucky, but it’s better to expect the worst)
The nice thing about this is that you only need to observe one or two bases to see how your enemy is working with reinforcement donations during the Clan War, because it’s very unlikely that they will donate Dragons to one player and the next one only gets Archers.
This hands you the opportunity to plan out your attack completely during Preparation Day and you can set your clock to the time the Battle Day starts to throw in your first attack – if half of your clan does it that way, your enemy will be overwhelmed completely and you will have shrunken their morale for sure.

Destroy Your Enemy’s Preparation

Let’s assume that you have checked all of this out, you know which bases you will attack, and you are fully prepared for the attack. The moment the Battle Day starts you choose the first base and suddenly everything is changed. Boom! Cancel! What happened? Maybe your enemy wants to alienate you and put up some funny mockup base during the Preparation Day and just changed it back shortly before the Battle Day started.
First of all you should try this yourself. It’s pretty easy if you set up a weird looking base with exposed Town Hall and shortly before the Battle Day starts you use the “Copy Base” feature in the War Base Edit Mode which sets your regular base design into the War Base design. To do this you have to have an up-and-running Trophy Base design in your regular base layout. It’s hard to tell if this works, but I can promise you that this is really annoying because it’s happened to me sometimes.

Clash-of-Clans-Clan-Wars-copy-layout-for-distraction Clash of Clans Clan Wars copy layout for distraction

There is also an elegant way to prevent this – if you come across a weird looking, exposed Town Hall or Clan Castle design just search up your opponents’ clan in the Clan Search and check out the normal base design of that person. If you see a solid looking Trophy Base, you can expect this to happen. Another great way to prevent this is to look at the Collectors and Mines of this person when he has an exposed Town Hall in his/her War Base – if they are quite empty you can tell that he/she is active and you can expect that he/she will change that during the Preparation Day.

Use Gems in the Right Moment

I admit this is neither a crucial tactic nor an everyday tactic, but if you’re planning to gem an upgrade, you should time it shortly before the Clan War will hit the Battle Day so your upgrade will be available in there. This is quite ugly if someone plans to use an all Dragon Army and then two Air Defenses are on a higher level in the Battle Day.

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