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How to choose the correct Spells

After having covered all the single Spells in the Master the Spells series I want to dedicate this post how you can find the perfect Spell composition for you by choosing and combining Spells. I broke it down to a simple 3 Step Checklist you can easily adapt.

Finding your best Spell Combination

Step 1 – Find your Spell Pool

In the first Step you have to figure out what kind of Spells go best with your Troop composition. In general they will make up your main troops weaknesses so let’s get your Spell Pool ready by pointing our your main Troops weaknesses:
  • Low Health or vulnerable against certain Defenses (Barbarian, Archer, Goblin, Minion, Balloon, Healer, Hog Rider, Balloons)
  • Tanking Troops that will get a lot of damage (Giants, Golem – NOT the Lava Hound because it takes so much damage you can’t cover that up)
  • Slow and DPS Troops (Dragon, P.E.K.K.A., Balloon)
Before this now gets too much text and you get bored I created you a Infographic:

best Spells for Troops in Clash of Clans Map of Spells1

First row Troops go good with these Spells

Don’t get confused here – when I say main Troops I mean the Troops you’re basing your attack on. If you bring 5 Wizards for a Hog Rider attack your Hog Rider are the focus and the Wizards only clean after them so you choose the right Spell for the Hog Riders. Adapt this for your desired Troop Setup with Giants, Golems, etc. and don’t count in all Troops you bring but the Troops that will be mainly responsible if your attack works or not – let’s call it the first row.
Now you have probably 2 Spells in mind you can use – time for Step 2!

Step 2 – Cover your Plan A scenario

No matter what kind of Troops you use to attack – you always have bases you attack and others you don’t because you know you won’t win. You wouldn’t attack a base with 2 Multi-Target Inferno Towers with mass Hog Riders or a base with very central maxed Air Defenses with mass Dragon, right? Here are the questions you have to find an answer for to break down what you have to use your Spells on:

What do you do with the Clan Castle Troops?

Have you brought some Troops to deal with them? You will most likely see Archers and Wizards coming out so you should have a plan what to do with them. If not you can log in the Lightning Spell.

Have you certain Buildings you have to take down very fast in the attack?

If you have an attack planned with Air Troops you will have at least 1 Air Defense you have to take out before attacking with them. Maybe you need to freeze some Inferno Tower? Got the right Spell for that?

Freeze Spell in Clash of Clans radius Perfect freeze spell

You see your list of Spells just filled up pretty much automatic. You now should have a list with 2 or 3 different Spells – if your list has more Spells you should rethink your Troops composition and I assume you have lots of different Troops so you probably don’t unleash their full power. LetÄs move to the next Step to get our Spells final.

Step 3 – find the right mixture

I’m not a fan of using more than 2 different kind of Spells unless you’re very experienced in using them with that Troop composition. Using Spells in Clash of Clans is an art because you have not only to time exactly when to drop them, you also have to place them in the very small sport to make them reveal their full power. Attacks can get messy when you have to check where your Troops are going, keep an eye on your Heroes health and so you have the additional risk of messing up with Spells. If you use only 2 different kinds or maybe even the same kind of Spells you don’t have to switch them around and you can have your eyes on the battlefield.
So much for the introduction of Step 3. I mentioned in the Step before that you now should have 2 different Spells (let’s say 3 if you’re experienced). To find the right mix on how many of each kind you should bring I normally just put the mandatories first. Let’s say I logged in the Lightning Spell for Clan Castle Troops I take 2 because nothing is worst than some 10 health point left Wizard survivors. If you need the Freeze Spell you probably found out quite fast how much you need.

Found your best Spell combination?

I hope you did. Anyway don’t get frustrated if you have to try around with them – take 1 more Lightning Spell etc. I often hear people saying that they use the exact Spells they see in YouTube videos but that’s a completely wrong approach. You have to learn what your Spells can do and how you use them – this is the only way you can use them to make perfect attacks! Don’t let someone tell you what Spells you use. To be honest I always adapted Spells and played around with them. This is an invest that will pay off long term because Spells not only cost Elixir, they cost the most expensive resource in Clash of Clans – time. A Spell saved is a Spell not wasted and the sooner you learn to use the right Spells the right way the sooner you will come to your goal.

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