Sunday, June 7, 2015

How to built a successful Clan

Have you ever dreamed of having your own clan after being in a couple of clans and all are more or less the same with always having clan-hoppers, selfish people or just the guys who want Dragons for their 15 space Clan Castle? Maybe you should start your own clan and make everything better – here are some helping hints how you are able to do so. Read here how you can get people to join your clan and also how you can make them to stay in your clan.

All good things need a name – as do Clans in Clash of Clans
Name your clan “Dragon Army” – well better if you do not do that, because you always have to describe your clan badge to get someone you know or talk to for finding your clan to join. It’s important you set up a unique name and if you have some ideas just use the “Search clan” functionality to check out how many other clans have that name already.

Where are all my members? Recruiting Clan members
You want to create a solid and great clan but you first need some members so hopefully you did make it free to join for everyone? If not do so and set up a minimum trophy count so you can find solid players who did play for a little bit of time – don’t put that on more than 1000 trophies, otherwise you will not find a lot of members.

Also don’t forget about the description to tell something what your clan is aiming for (fun talking clan, trophy pushing, etc.) and what you expect from people – e.g. if you want them to donate Archers level 3+ etc.
Recruit actively
No good players will just join your clan by accident – maybe you get lucky one or another time but you have to actively recruit them. If you think global chat is a good idea I have to disappoint you, it is not – or have you ever seen someone from Apple or Google running around in the streets (no crazy homeless guy) calling out for people who wants to work for them? I guess not but please tell me which street that was if you have seen this somewhere :) simple smile Ok honestly let’s get back to topic: I recommend the official Supercell forum because there is a section just for recruiting people and if you set up a topic with a really nice text you will get really nice people to join your clan.

Also search for Clash of Clans videos on Youtube and post your clan in some comments – as people watching these videos are definately interested in improving their gameplay you have the best audience there or also in the comments below on AllClash if you want to try.

Get them to stay
In the beginning while your recruiting is still in progress you will have to donate reinforcement troops as much as you can so the people in your clan see that they are staying within a clan which is alive. Also don’t offer everyone to get elder because you want your clan members to be loyal and helpful for the clan and you just give them one of the biggest awards for being that right away.

Beside that just talk with them so they have a reason to stay in your clan and tell them if they are always receiving troops instead of donating etc. To make a long story short just make everyone do what you missed in all the old clans you have been in before you decided to start your own clan, because this is what really matters. Good luck with your new clan!