Monday, June 8, 2015

How to attack the new Heroes effectively

Have you figured out how to crack the new Heroes? I know most of you have focused on how weak the heroes are now (they are apparently not, they are just not overpowered anymore but everyone has an own opinion about that), but the most tricky part is their new defending mechanism. Maybe this is also a reason you think the Heroes are very weak because the attacks are a whole lot more difficult than they used to be since the Heroes now have another defending behaviour.

How attacking a base with Heroes used to work and what exactly changed?

In former times – two weeks ago – the attacking was always with the same pattern:
1. Get the Heroes attention: You always gained the Heroes attention with placing one unit inside the trigger radius. From now on the Hero will always follow the next unit to be spotted no matter where on the map that is. This is now past! No you can gain the Heroes attention like you could before, but the Hero will stay way closer to his platform and also not follow once activated through the whole map. Just alluring is not enough any more – you will have to take the Hero down where the platform is.
2. Take him down with post deployed troops: After you put the Hero where you want him/her to be to take them down you deploy more troops which directly attack the Hero. This is not working that clear anymore. The Hero will attack your troops and when hitting one of them all of your troops around will target the Hero. So far so good but now you can’t place more troops to support your already deployed troops. They will only enter the attack of the Hero if they are attacked themselves.
3. Giants and Hog Riders will completely ignore the Heroes, even if they get attacked and killed. They will never ever attack the Heroes themselves until all defensive buildings are destroyed – that is in my opinion the biggest leak in the actual AI and should get fixed right away.
How can this be? Please Supercell this is obviously not made by intention and I really expect you to fix that. What else strange or noteworthy situation had you with the defending Heroes? Please let me know in the comments

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