Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How the correct Storage placement will improve your War Base design

I have done some Clan War reviews lately for my clan and I did recognize something that only a small part of all players seem to do when setting up their War Base layout: Using their Storages correctly in their layout. This is something everyone should do, because it will not really affect your War Base layout but give you a real benefit and will save your clan some stars in the future or at least waste some attacks of your opponents clan.

Storages are great for baiting greedy attacker

Have your read one of my last Clan War posts about how you can use Clan War for farming? Most of the times when this is happening it’s not a farming clan using Clan War for farming only, it’s some greedy selfish clan member who only wants to loot and run or maybe a clan hopper in your opponents clan. While putting your Storages, especially the Gold Storages and the Dark Elixir Storage, outside your give them a great motivation to attack your base only for getting the resources – from time to time even a normal attacker feels motivated to attack your base because of this. Whatever the motivation is, your enemy clan will waste an attack while you don’t lose resources – the perfect win-win situation for you. Greed is rotting mind.

clash-of-clans-farm-outside-collectors-secret-farming-guide-2014 clash of clans farm outside collectors secret farming guide 2014

Storages are perfect bulkheads

Now you can take this one step ahead. Storages have lots of health points ant therefore are only destroyed slowly. If you put defensive buildings like Wizard Towers or Mortars next to them so they are within their range and while the troops are occupied with the health of the Storages they get killed in the group by the splash damage. This of course is only working in lower Town Hall levels as higher levels mostly use Dragons/GoWiWi/GoWiPe. Nevermind, it’s not costing you anything and I don’t think you can’t implement something like this in your base.

Run the extra mile for the Storages

Have a look at this situation:

Clash-of-Clans-make-attacker-run-out-of-time Clash of Clans make attacker run out of time e1409667632997

You like these situations? I do, but only if my base is the defending one or they make it just in time. I know it’s nothing new to put a building in the corner to maybe make the attacker run out of time – this is very effective against someone who likes to attack with all Dragons or Balloons because they are very slow. Most of the times I see someone doing this with Builder Huts. The problem with Builder Huts is that they have only a few health points and get destroyed by 1 Barbarian. Have you ever deployed 1 Barbarian next to a maxed Storage? You see what’s my point here: Make your attackers troops clear up the corners one by one with investing more troops and I promise you will see some saved stars within your next Clan Wars and in addition some tempting replays you can share. Keep in mind that sometimes every second counts.
Also, this is an extra motivation for the first point when you want to have a bait for greed-heads.