Monday, June 8, 2015

Guarantee 2 Star with GoWiWi and GoWiPe Summer 2015 Strategy

Before the April 2015 Update introduced the Air Sweeper you saw LavaLoonion attacks in 9 out of 10 times when you headed to Master 1 League or above – simply because this style was able to get you at least 1 Star no matter on what base, if your Troops are in a good Level and you know what you’re doing. Now with the additional Air Sweeper we see a big revival of the once so famous GoWiWi (Golems + Wizards + Witches) and GoWiPe (Golems + Wizards + PEKKA) style that has been almost been extinct in the higher Leagues and Clan Wars in the past month. The thing now is that this style is more successful with more Golems than it was in 2014. Now you should bring 4-5 Golems instead of 3. In this post I will show you step by step how you can use this style to get an almost guarantee 2 Star – if not 3 Star – on pretty much any base you want.

The difference between GoWiWi and GoWiPe

Well, in GoWiWi you use Witches instead oft he PEKKA you use in GoWiPe but the difference in this small change of composition is more difficult than that. GoWiWi is a little easier to handle as you don’t have to deploy the Witches that carefully like you have to when using GoWiPe. The PEKKA are very sensitive when it comes to timing their deployment and if you do that wrong they just run around the base and you messed up a little (only 1 Star) or completely (no Star). Witches however are deploying their Skeletons and this makes them easier to go into the core to take out the Town Hall to get your 2nd Star.

So why not use GoWiWi and forget about GoWiPe?

GoWiWi is strong but on almost maxed bases you need to use GoWiPe. If you start using this Go-Style of attacking I recommend you starting with GoWiWi just to get a feeling of all the steps and if you master them blindfolded you can concentrate on using the style with PEKKA instead. Almost all the steps are the same with both styles, except the part when and where you have to deploy the PEKKA.

What you need for GoWiWi and GoWiPe

The basic concept is always the same (I will show it more detailed below):
  1. Golems are the protection and they should always be in front of all other Troops and Heroes (especially the Archer Queen)
  2. Wizards are used to clear out the surrounding structures to make all other Troops go straight towards the Town Hall center
  3. Town Hall gets destroyed
This is the very basic description but I think it’s always important to know this ver clear and short description in your mind instead of a long checklist what you do – this is always the best way to keep the strategy clear in your mind and totally understand what you’re actually doing.
So here’s what you need:
  • 5 Golems
  • 10-14 Wizards
  • 2 PEKKA or 3 Witches
  • fill it up with Archers
  • your Heroes
  • Witches in your Clan Castle or just Wizards, Archers etc.
  • 2 Jump Spells
  • 2 Rage Spells
  • 1 Lightning Spell
If you used to go with GoWiPe or GoWiWi a couple of month ago you might ask yourself why this setup changed. Let me introduce you tot he new changes:
  • No Wall Breaker? Yes! You use the Jump Spells now as you almost always have to cross only 2 lines of Walls towards the Town Hall center
  • Archers? They are great to get you the 50% in an area that has been cleaned out so far and they are better to snipe over Walls compared to Wizards
  • No Freeze Spell(s)? Indeed. You now have a crazy tank pool so you don’t need to freeze Inferno Towers any more. Also only crazy people have their Inferno Tower on Single Mode these days because then they just get destroyed be the still pretty popular LavaLoonion raiders. This is damage your Golems can take and you better use the Lightning Spell on the defending Clan Castle Troops

How to use GoWiWi and GoWiPe step by step?

Now you get your checklist. The attack is always in a fixed order:
  1. Deploy your first Jump Spell where your Golems should enter
  2. Deploy your Golems to go into the first ring
  3. Deploy your Wizards to destroy structures so all other Troops will also go inside
  4. Deploy your Heroes and the Witches / PEKKA to follow the Golems
  5. Use the second Jump Spell to get your Golems toward the Town Hall center and a Rage Spell to speed all oft hem including following Troops up going there
  6. Use the Lightning Spell o the defending Clan Castle Troops and the second Rage Spell in the Town Hall center and time your Heroes abilities well
  7. Use your Archers to clean up leftover buildings that are outside the range of any Defenses
Step 5 and 6 could also be turned around, this is of course depending on how the attacks move forward. Now we will have a close look on each of these steps on this example attack I prepared for you.

Set the entry point for your Golems

This is where you initially go into the base and with that placement you set the success oft he attack. I always choose the wide side oft he base instead of a corner:

how to use the jump spell for gowiwi and go wipe gowiwi gowipe jump spell

If you manage to get them over 2 Walls it’s great but the main reason I don’t use corners is that in my experience the corner makes the 5 Golems go into one big pack ans split not that good and worst case I lose one or two oft hem going around while I need them in the corner. No worries about placing the Jump Spell before you deployed Troops – it will last long enough and you can 100% set the point where your Golems will go to.

Deploy the Golems

I always deploy them next to each other so they spread a little bit on their first targets so I have a better way to deploy my Wizards behind them:

5 Golems strategy gowiwi gowipe deploy 5 golems

Send the Wizards to destroy

The Wizards have only a short life in this strategy. Their only purpose ist o make sure all other Troops are going into the center and that’s their only purpose:

step 3 gowiwi and go wipe with wizards gowiwi gowipe send in wizards step by step

It’s important you deploy them behind the Golems to make sure they can fulfill their purpose before they go down.

Send the DPS aka Heroes, Witches and PEKKA

Here comes the real damage. They should go into the base right after the Golems so your Jump Spell should still be active (you might see now why you need higher Level Jump Spells?) so don’t wait too long until deploying them:

heroes deployment heroes for gowiwi and gowipe

No worries if you mess this up in the beginning – it takes about 10 attacks until you have the first step with the Golems and Wizards made perfect. (Disclaimer: Don’t try this out in Clan War the first time)

Time your Spells

Now you have to carefully watch and time your Spells according tot he events that will happen:
  • Your first Rage Spell is meant to speed up your Golems towards the Town Hall center so place it in between your first Jump Spell and the place where you place your second Jump Spell (not where you placed your first Jump Spell!)
place Rage Spell gowiwi and gowipe rage spell placement

  • Time your Lightning Spell against defending Clan Castle Troops
  • Your second Jump Spell should get placed right after your Golems crossed the layers before and start hitting the first Defense. That’s very important or you might make them go around the Town Hall center or split up if you time that one too late: (pic splitting up Golems) or if you time it too early leave maybe some following Troops outside
gowiwi-and-gowipe-spell-placement gowiwi and gowipe spell placement

  • The last Rage Spell is just inside the Town Hall center when your Troops are in there
I know this needs some patience and practise as there is always so much going on there you can hardly tell what’s happening. You’ll get a feeling for this, I promise!

Clean afterwards

This should usually make you get around 40-45% so now you use the leftover Archers to clean unprotected structures in the end. You will easily manage to get the 50% and your 2nd Star with it as the Town Hall always gets down with this strategy (if nothing goes wrong).

2-star-attack-TH10-clean-with-archers 2 star attack TH10 clean with archers

What bases you should not attack with GoWiWi and GoWiPe

I know I promised you a guaranteed 2 Star strategy here on any base and it’s true you simply can’t loose without messing up yourself. I simply want to show you some bases I made the experience with of being quite more difficult to attack and they are punishing a second delay in Spell placement with you not getting your victory. I still tell you there is no base you can’t get at least 1 Star with this style against but in the beginning you should stay away from
Bases with lots of compartments:

GoWiWi and GoWiPe base scouting scout bases

Inside Town Hall directly surrounded by Walls (can get messy)

gowiwi 5 golems attacking strategy scouting bases scout bases gowiwi

Bases with no clear Defense Funnel towards the Town Hall center

town hall center destroy go wipe town hall center funnel gowiwi gowipe

Always remember that nexting is only a very small amount of Gold and you’ll find another base you can beat more easily.

Defense Funnel towards the Town Hall… what?

A little excurse tot he Golem AI might help. The Golem always attacks the next in range Defense and the Jump Spell is nothing else than alluring them and making their AI think there is no Wall. This doesn’t mean that Golems will just leave everything they are doing and go towards the Jump Spell and in a bad situation you might have them split up and go around the center:

golems split up in go wipe attack golems splitting up bad

Now you can maybe get 1 Star but that’s not a very nice thing to have. I hope this guide helps you make lots of furious victories (not against my base please, but against all others). Have fun!
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