Sunday, June 7, 2015

Expose your Town Hall correctly for Farming

I still see bases that have exposed Town Halls often – while attacking or also in the Weekly User Base Reviews – and sometimes I see setups that are counterproductive for the purpose of farming. I think it might be helpful to give you here some tips what to do when exposing your Town Hall and what you should not do.

Exposed Town Hall – not partially exposed

Some of you may have some mental load with exposing the Town Hall completely so they do something that I like to call the semi-exposed Town Hall. All of us learned from the beginning that the Town Hall is your most important building do defend and just exposing it seems wrong, also because none of us just want to give away anything so this may be a result:
Clash-of-clans-exposing-Town-Hall-without-traps Clash of clans exposing Town Hall without traps
Let’s focus on our goal – we want to have an active shield almost all the time so our Storages can fill as fast as possible. This is why we expose our Town Hall because we want anybody who come across our base to be able to destroy it so we lose almost no resources and the smallest amount of trophies possible to get our shield active again.
With this example your opponent doesn’t see a Town Hall to take with something like 10 Barbarians without consequences, he will see that he has to invest more troops and maybe there are also Traps or Hidden Teslas and maybe his instinct is telling him to go next. In this case more people will have a look at your base and maybe there is someone with a decent army looking at it afterwards. What’s wrong about this? Well, you’re farming so you’ll probably have a noteworthy amount of loot offering so this person thinks “Alright let’s try to take them – worst case I can at least get 1 star from the Town Hall and some of those resources”. You see that you shouldn’t have someone looking at your base while thinking this.

Don’t throw away your resources

Another thing is the famous Traps’n’Teslas exposed Town Hall. Look at this:
Clash-of-clans-semi-exposing-Town-Hall Clash of clans semi exposing Town Hall
The funny thing is that you will se lots of entertaining replays while someone is sending in troops after troops until it’s destroyed. Yeah, funny… not. Why not? Have a look at the cost for rearming these Traps. You literally have spent all the Gold that you saved with an exposed Town Hall on rearming Traps – I don’t think I have to give you some math here to show that this isn’t how a successful business is running.
Also, people get really angry about this and I know a lot of people who will 3-star your base just because they want to teach you a lesson for this. Again, remember you’ll probably have a decent amount of resources while farming (otherwise you’ll not need a farming setup).

Now what’s right?

Just exposing, simple as that. You want that anybody with some troops in his pocket can destroy it and you want that they will spot the situation. While searching for bases most of us have to click the Next-Button a lot and I think there is max 1 second looking at most of the bases and they should clearly spot that they can take the Town hall easily:
Clash-of-clans-correctly-exposed-Town-Hall Clash of clans correctly exposed Town Hall
I have made the best experiences with putting it completely left or right and far away from any other kind of building. Also you should just place obstacles around it to show it’s a save spot. There’s also a sign with the White Flag to show attackers that it’s safe to snipe the Town Hall but only a few know and understand this sign. Anyway with the obstacles you can also draw additional attention to your exposed Town Hall.

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