Monday, June 1, 2015

Equality Mod Menu Trainer v0.03 - Advanced Online Player Menu! Thnx rkaf!

This is the premium/Private version of a well known trainer that starts with the letter N and and in the letter R. We renamed the trainer so it has a far more suitable name "Equality Mod Menu v0.03" by smokevapors & his pals. We do not mean to degrade the work done, only to point out the name associated with the menu was horrible and discriminate towards a group of people. So we ( @rkaf & I ) decided to change that and rename & re-release the dam thing as something that sounds better and more professional that could be released here on MPGH for everyone to enjoy. Don't get salty because we changed the name, it was for a very specific reason lel!

Equality Menu Trainer Beta 0.03 (Private/Paid Edition)



F4 - activate
NUM2/8/4/6 - navigate thru the menus and lists (numlock must be on)
PgUp/PgDn/Left Arrow/Right Arrow - navigate thru the menus and lists
ENTER/NUM5 - select
O/NUM3 - super break
\| or NUM9 - speed boost
=+/NUM+ - vehicle rockets

FreeOffset (/u/smokevapors)
B4nk (/u/b4nk)
jedijosh920 (/u/jedijosh920)
Alexander Blade

Change log:
Win8 Support
Attach object to player
Drop 40k, 400k, 1mil
Kick player from vehicle
Force suicide (kills players in passive mode)
Spawn enemies
Trap player (inside hotdog stand)
Framing doesn't kill framed player
Better clear reports/leave badsport lobby
Kill vehicle engine pops tires (only kills engine if you are in car with player)
Launch players vehicle
Objects spawned online are viewable to other players
Bug fixes

Enable ragdoll
Kill vehicle engine
Minor bug and ui fixes


Animal skins work online
Vehicle spawning works online
Bodyguard menu
Vision menu
Disable ragdoll
One hit kill
Super explosive ammo
Weapon edit menu (teleport gun, money gun, car gun, object gun)
Spawn in nearest empty car
Max upgrade vehicle (pimp my ride)
Open/close doors
Rainbow paint
No fall
Select traction type
IPL Loader
Object spawner
Mobile radio
Clear badsport and cheater reports
Recovery menu (100% unlocks, level editor)

Online Player Menu:
Teleport to player
Teleport player to me
Give/take weapons
Explode players
Frame players
Drop money
Clone players
Attach objects to players
Kill engine
Eject from vehicle
Launch vehicle
Force suicide (kill players in passive)
Spawn enemies

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