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Deployment timing with Mortars

It seems that I can’t let go of the Mortar topic, but I’ve had this post in my mind for quite a long time. I think that it has come to the right time to publish it. If you’re having trouble figuring out what I mean by this headline, let me explain it to you. The Mortar is the only building in Clash of Clans have that slow fire rate (not only the fire rate but also how long the projectile needs before it impacts). In this post, I will give you some inside tips on how you can play a trick on the Mortars by timing the deployment of your Troops correctly. By troops, I mean troops that are afraid of the Mortar (Archers, Goblins, and Barbarians) of course.

The runner tactic

First of all, the projectile is in the air for 2-3 seconds, depending how far the Mortar is from the place of impact. The bad thing for the Mortar is that the impact location is set when the projectile leaves the Mortar, and it’s the only defensive building that sets a place of impact like this. In other words, it’s the only defensive building that actually misses. This is weakness we will exploit now, and this is what the process should look like:
  1. Deploying troops
  2. Troops start attacking a building
  3. Mortar shoots, projectile is in the air, aimed at where your troops are standing right now
  4. Troops destroy the building and move to the next
  5. Projectile impacts where troops aren’t standing anymore
Here’s how this looks in pictures:
clash-of-clans-tricking-the-mortar-timimg clash of clans tricking the mortar timimg
To make this happen, you only need enough damage to destroy that certain building. Better take a safe step and deploy some more. Here are some boundary values you can use (depending on the level):
  • Low hitpoint buildings (Hero platforms, Builder Huts, Barracks etc.): 10 Barbarians/Archers
  • Medium hitpoint buildings (Mines and Collectors): 20 Barbarians/Archers
  • High hitpoint buildings (Town Hall, Storages, Walls): not really possible because you can’t deploy enough troops before the projectile impacts
Don’t get frustrated if you fail the first few times – this needs practice and also experience to get a feeling for how to do it correctly. Also, keep in mind that other buildings can shoot at your troops, so maybe add a few more as needed.

The bait tactic

Another tactic is deploying one single troop within the range of the Mortar to distract it. The mortar will fire at the troop closest to it, whether there is one more many. It doesn’t matter if this unit gets killed, the Mortar started the shooting interval and will shoot one projectile at this very place. In the meantime, you can deploy other troops at another place and have up to 7 seconds until the next projectile will hit that place:
clash-of-clans-tricking-the-mortar-with-bait clash of clans tricking the mortar with bait
You can see in the screenshot that the Mortar is shooting at a troop that already died.


Never deploy troops with your finger held down on one certain place to make your troops all spawn from the very same place. I know sometimes you get enraged by Mortars and you just want to destroy that thing, but this will only destroy your own troops. The problem is that all of them will walk in one line towards the same target and the projectile of the Mortar will catch the line of troops somewhere. If you use the two tactics I showed you above, you won’t have this moment of blind rage. :) simple smile
Do you have additional tactics on being more intelligent than the Mortar? Please share with us in the comments.
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