Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dark Elixir Farming until you’re a Dark Elixir Billionaire

Who of you has a Dark Elixir Storage? And who does have Dark Elixir Drills? Exaktly. You can build the Dark Elixir Storage after having upgraded your Town Hall to level 7 but you can build the drill to earn Dark Elixir yourself when you have a Town Hall level 8. This feels like getting a bike for your birthday but have to wait for the next year to get the pedals. Nice job Supercell! The only thing you can do is hard Dark Elixir Farming out there. Read here how you can at least make this more easy for you.

How to get the Dark Elixir for your Barbarian King the fastest way?

You can build the Dark Elixir Storage and try to get Dark Elixir by raiding other bases – but they will be at a higher Town Hall level than you are and probably stronger and you will have to invest a lot of regular Elixir for troops to be able to take them down as most people protect their precious Dark Elixir most in their bases heart’s. But you want the Barbarian King so bad because he is very strong in attacking and defending as well. What can you do to make the Dark Elixir Farming less painful and expensive?

How to get Dark Elixir without investing one single troop? Dark Elixir Stealing (I mean… Dark Elixir Farming)!

Fill your Spell Factory with Lightning Spells (which you hopefully upgraded as far as possible – if not you should focus on that) and search for an opponent with a filled Dark Elixir Storage. As this enemy will have a higher Town Hall level than your you will also get some extra bonus you can take away which makes this strategy even more effective for lower Town Hall levels. Just drop all your Lightning Spells on your enemies Dark Elixir Storage and maybe take down his Town Hall if it easy to take out. Most of the times you will get around 1,000 Dark Elixir with a little searching – I suggest you to search at the trophy range of 1,400 to 1,600. Bad for them there is no way to defend against this strategy.
If you are really lucky you will maybe find some Dark Elixir Drills you can also take down with some Barbarians/Archers to add more Dark Elixir to your raid.
Clash-of-Clans-lightning-spell-dark-elixir-strategy Clash of Clans lightning spell dark elixir strategy

Prepare for an answer and protect your Dark Elixir from Dark Elixir Farming

If this is done to you, you will probably be blinded by rage and directly try to get satisfaction by having a revenge attack on the stealer. Put your Dark Elixir Storage in the center of your base to protect your precious loot from getting re-stolen. There is also another way to protect your Dark Elixir so it cannot get stolen: Queue up as many troops in your Dark Barracks! This Dark Elixir is save until you log back in and you can un-train them in your Dark Barrack and will recieve the Dark Elixir back.
This is all some work to do but if you get some routine in it you will automatically do it like collecting resources from your collectors and you will be even more happy when you finally got your Barbarian King.
Are you sick of losing a lot of Dark Elixir to this kind of Dark Elixir Farming? See here how you can at least get your Dark Elixir out of the line.

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