Thursday, June 18, 2015

Crazy CF 1.2

I make new universal cheat, it's not detect in NA/EU/RU/Blaze. NOT GIVE HACK TOOL 70_12

Working on Windows 7x64, Windows 8x64!

How use:
1)Run Crazy_CF_1_2.exe
2)Start crossfire, login to server
3)Press "Insert" key - you will hear sound "boom-boom-boom" and draw crosshair in game.
4)F9 - WallHack, F10 - See Ghoust, Key "Delete" - AFK-bot

Download Now


  1. Leh Lama Bados Insert Msh Bygbly L Hack Menu Ma3 Ane Lama Bados F9 L Wall Hack Bysht8l :/ Help Plz

  2. Hey Guys I have a problem with this hack, i cant open this hack menu, I always Press Insert and there's no Menu Can you help me Please :(