Sunday, June 7, 2015

Collector loot indication got secretly changed

Does Supercell hate farmers who are picking on collectors? I don’t know but there was a secret change within last weeks update that changed the visual loot indication of the collectors. Some weeks ago i did make a tutorial how you can see where the available loot is hidden and did some calculation how much you can get from collectors. Now there have been some changes so the first visual change is not at around 32.000 for a maxed out collector but just at the half.
Clash of Clans Gold Mine Clash of Clans Gold Mine
I have to admit I did have a feeling that something changed because my collectors always showed the first fill level, but i did not get curious enough. So watch out if you have a base with some gold in the mines as this is now maybe just half the gold you can grab compared to last week.

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