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Clash of Clans Inferno Tower Guide: Upgrades, Levels, Strategy

In Clash of Clans, the Inferno Tower is the last and most powerful defensive structure that players can get. Unlocking at Town Hall 10, the Inferno Tower not only deals high damage, but it also stops healing effects, has high health, and only occupies a 2×2 space (most towers occupy a 3×3 space). To top it off, the Inferno Tower has solid range (9 units) and hits both air and ground units.
The most unusual aspect of the Inferno Tower is that it can be set to either single-target or multi-target mode. Single-target mode allows the Inferno Tower to charge up and defeat any enemy unit in 6-9 seconds, even high-level heroes and high health units like Dragons or Golems. Multi-target mode allows the Inferno Tower to deal modest damage to up to 5 targets. With its ability to block healing effects, the multi-target Inferno Tower helps wipe out large numbers of weak units.

Inferno Tower Upgrades and Stats by Town Hall Level
1101,5005,000,0007 Days500 Dark Elixir
2101,9006,500,00010 Days600 Dark Elixir
3102,2008,000,00014 Days700 Dark Elixir

Number of Inferno Tower By Town Hall Level
Number of Air Defense Towers2

The Inferno Tower is a strong tower right from level 1, although it does receive solid increases in strength with each level upgrade. When set to single target mode, the Inferno Tower will need to “charge up”. It starts off dealing very little damage for 2 seconds, increases to high DPS from 2 seconds to 5 seconds (while on the same target), and after 5 seconds it goes up to 1,000+ damage per second. If the Inferno Tower finishes its current target and starts on a new target, the charging up process will start all over again. The multi-target inferno tower deals a moderate amount of damage right from the start and does not charge its attacks.
Note that the Inferno Tower has to be “loaded” with Dark Elixir in order to work. The full load (500 Dark Elixir at level 1, 700 Dark Elixir at level 3) is good for 750 “rounds”. With an attack speed of 1 attack per .128 seconds, an Inferno Tower will stay charged off of a single load for 96 seconds of attacking.
Fortunately, the amount of Dark Elixir you have to spend on reloading is directly proportional to the amount of “rounds” the Inferno Tower fires off. If your Inferno Tower only attacks for 9 seconds (about 10% of its ammo), you will only have to spend 10% of the full load cost (~50 Dark Elixir for a level 1 tower, ~70 Dark Elixir for a level 3 tower). As a result, Inferno Towers will often be able to defend your base from 3-10 attacks (depending on attack duration) before needing to be reloaded.
Visual Cues
You can see what mode an Inferno Tower is set to be investigating it closely. When set to single-target mode, the fiery orb on top of the inferno tower should be a large, uninterrupted circle. When set to multi-target mode, there is a thin metal wiring that divides the large orb into multiple small orbs. You may have to zoom in in order to see the thin metal divider, but it is easy to spot.

Inferno Tower Strategy

Below, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Inferno Tower, where to place it in your base, and what priority this building has for upgrades amongst all towers.

Strengths and Weaknesses
The Inferno Tower is by far your highest-threat tower in Clash of Clans. The single-target tower is the bane of enemy heroes and Golems, while the multi-target tower shuts down waves of light units like Hog Riders, Wizards, Barbarians, and Archers.
The Inferno Tower is weak against the opposite unit type of its current setting. An Inferno Tower set to single-target mode is weak against light units (Barbarians, Minions, Archers, Witches, and so on), while an Inferno Tower set to multi-target mode is weak against powerful single-target units (particularly heroes).
One good way to shore up this weakness of the Inferno Tower is to put the Inferno Towers relatively close to one another, setting one to single target mode and another to multi-target mode. These towers can then protect each other against their weakness.

Inferno Tower Placement
Since the Inferno Tower is such a powerful tower, it is naturally a major target for enemy players. As a result, it is best to place the Inferno Tower towards the center of your base in order to prevent it from getting destroyed too easily. For farming bases, it can be centrally located near your Dark Elixir storage.
Most TH10 players are likely to start to push up in trophies and are less concerned with farming; these players will be best off keeping their Inferno Towers in the center of their base near their Town Hall, hero altars, and Clan Castle.
Your Inferno Towers should be close to one another, but they should not be touching. Inferno Towers are so dangerous that players often use their spells in order to shut down these towers. The most popular method for doing this is with the Freeze Spell. If your Inferno Towers are touching, then the opponent will be able to Freeze both of them with the same spell. If your Inferno Towers are touching and are level 1, 5x LIghtning Spells will actually be able to take out both towers outright (though players rarely travel with 5x Lightning Spells). Regardless of the cause, never have your Inferno Towers touching, as you leave them vulnerable to spells.

Upgrade Priority
Inferno Towers are a very strong tower, and receive a solid boost in stats with each upgrade. As a result, it is very beneficial to upgrade these towers as a high priority amongst your defensive towers. I would not recommend upgrading both towers at the same time, as a Town Hall 10 player with both Inferno Towers out of commission is very vulnerable to enemy attack.

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