Sunday, June 7, 2015

Clash of Clans BARCH vs BAM in detail

BARCH and BAM are often mentioned in the same sentence when talking about farming troop setup in Clash of Clans. This happened so often that most of the people forgot that these are two complete different farming styles so I want to show you the differences today and help you find the perfect of them for you for different situations. It’s much more behind that than just adding some Minions to your Barbarians and Archers!

The Pro and Cons of BARCH and BAM in Clash of Clans

I think you have read my farming guide for high and low level BARCH? If not you really should because I won’t give any “how to use BARCH” description here, I just take the facts that are important when comparing to different setups.
Army costs: I would vote for BARCH being a little better here because you’ll have to invest some Dark Elixir for training BAM. It might not be that much but when you attack a lot it will be enough for you to notice it.
Time to train your army: This is very important because farming is earning a lot in a short period of time. There’s only one true winner here and that’s BAM – simply because you have 2 more Barracks that train. While you have either a short downtime while using BARCH or you have to boost at least 2 of your Barracks you can BAM your way through the enemy villages with BAM with almost no downtime.
Which setup is more powerful: This is it, the point where it gets complicated. We have on one side BARCH which has more fire power than BAM (simply because you have more troops as Minions take more housing space than Barbarians and Archers) while on the other side BAM has flying troops that can fly over Walls and reach Storages that can’t be attacked by your Archers or Barbarians.
What are the weaknesses: BAM has one advantage because your Minions just don’t care about Mortars – but they care about Air Bombs. If you lose 25 Minions in one of these Bombs you don’t have fun. Traps aren’t that big of a deal for BARCH because even if 10 of your Archers trigger a Giant Bombs you have so many of them left.
Now we have the facts, let’s apply them to the real game.
Clash-of-Clans-BAM-versus-BARCH Clash of Clans BAM versus BARCH

When to use BAM for attacking and when BARCH is the better choice

Let me get some simple rules for you that combine the strength of each of these styles. I hope you didn’t thought there’s an overall winner – you should know by know that in the mobile game Clash of Clans there are a lot of roads bringing you to your goal. What I can tell you for sure is that you have to know how BARCH and BAM attacks are done if you want to farm effectively and here are my basic rules to do that.
If you want to farm Dark Elixir you shouldn’t use BAM. I know this is kind of obvious but if you use it in higher trophy ranges you might consider using it because the League Bonus will make up for it. If you use BAM you should however get yourself faced to the fact that you won’t win that many attacks compared to BARCH. BAM is simply for getting the resources and if you want to have a fast farming session with the fewest downtimes possible and Cups don’t matter to you.
In the end I think just nailing it down to this is ok but you should try both of them and then decide what gives you a more comfortable feeling and also which one works better for the profit – farming is just about making profit.

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