Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Clan Wars loot system

There was a lot of misunderstanding and also some people don’t look forward to Clan Wars because in the first play it looks like you can loose lots of resources during Clan War. I want to give you an overview how the loot is calculated, where it comes from and how this affects your regular gameplay.

Where does the loot come from?

It is generated from nowhere and stored within your Clan Castle – the loot is not taken from your resources! The amount of loot that can be taken from your base depends on your Clan Castles level and mybe other things we don’t know yet. Maybe it is generated over time or depends on how far your base is developed, but this does not matter to you because it is gold, elixir and dark elixir you cannot use and it is only for the attackers from enemy clans during Clan War.

Clan-Wars-Clan-Castle-Storage Clan Wars Clan Castle Storage

How much loot can you get during Clan War?

You have two attacks during the War Day and you can get loot from the bases you attack which they have in their Clan Castle. The loot will be splitted between you and your clan members, which means that all loot is put in a big pot and in the end splitted equally between all participating clan members of your clan – otherwise everyone would want to attack the bases with the biggest loot. In the end if you win your clan will get the whole loot, otherwise just a piece of it.

06-Clan-Wars-Step-After-War 06 Clan Wars Step After War

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