Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Clan Wars Ghost Raiding Exploit in Clash of Clans

Unfortunately, when there is a way to cheat, someone will do it. We should all hope that Supercell will make a fix for this soon. There are some tempting accusations going on in the community about Ghost Raiding, also called Ghosting.

What is the Ghosting Exploit in Clan Wars?

Do you know the feeling you get after you’re raiding a regular base with more than 300,000 Gold and just before you win the attack, a pop-up tells you “connection lost”? You probably do and after it happened you probably wanted to throw your phone against the wall or at your cell phone provider’s window. What is very frustrating within regular gameplay somehow got to be used as an exploit for Clan Wars.

Using Hog Rider to pull enemy CC Troops Clash of Clans Hog Rider versus Clan Castle

Giant Bomb blowing up a Hog Rider

If you press the “Attack” button on the War Map of Clan Wars, you will have 30 seconds to start your attack or cancel your attack. It is possible to cut your internet connection within this timeframe to actually do the attack but it will not be counted because the Supercell servers don’t get the result. By doing this, some clans/clashers practice attacking a base until they know the right strategy to get all three stars. This is not fair and it is a clear exploit and hopefully Supercell will make a hotfix against this very soon.
You never know for sure, but if you see on your War Map that your village is under attack all the time, but there is no result shown, you should be curious if your opponents are using this strategy, but please be very careful when calling someone a cheater.

How can Clan War Ghost attacks get stopped?

Well, the simplest answer to that is: registering an attack when you click that button and if you lose your connection you lose the attack. This also could be kind of frustrating, but I think Supercell will come up with a nice idea of how to remove this exploit from Clash of Clans.
Before you now get out there and think you can go out there and win all Clan Wars by Ghosting your enemies – this got made very bad after Clash of Clans got the Clan Wars LIVE PREVIEW. Some people still report that it’s still possible to use it but it only work randomly and you will risk an attack you’ll not get back. Also if you read all the hint here on AllClash you don’t need to use Ghosting because you get simply successful in Clash of Clans. Stay clean and fair like you want other to be.

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