Monday, June 8, 2015

Clan Wars Battle Day

We did a lot of talking about how Clan Wars works in general, the matchmaking and the preparation day but this is not what we are all looking forward to – be are looking forward to the Battle Day when we all actually attack our enemies in order to win the Clan War for our clan.

Thoughts on attack strategy

Like mentioned in the post on the preparation day you should use this time to scout out your enemy and make a plan within your clan who will attack which enemy because you only can attack twice and one base never more than one time. If you really have a Clan War 50 vs. 50 this could get kind of difficult so the game gives everyone a recommendation which base should be attacked (based on your attacking power).
Clan-War-Battle-Day Clan War Battle Day
When attacking you should aim to get all 3 stars from the base because these stars decide which clan will win the war. If one of your clan members already attacked this base you can watch the battle log in order to see what surprises are hidden for you (e.g. trap positions and where the hidden Teslas are positioned and what units are in the Clan Castle for defending).
Clan-War-Battle-Log Clan War Battle Log
While attacking you will have two diffenrent loots you can get – one is a kind of smaller amount you can directly keep and the other one is the bonus which will be added to the Clan War balance. The second one is the one which you only get (divided within your clan) when winning the Clan War or otherwise get only a small part of it – you can find here some more details about Clan War loot calculation.
Clan-War-Battle-Day-Fight Clan War Battle Day Fight
Anyway during Clan War attacks nothing of you regular base is affected because this is just a replicat of your real base – you can even have an active shield and participate in Clan Wars without breaking your shield.
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