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Clan War Starter Tips and solid Town Hall 5 War Base Designs for your first Clan Wars

So you’re Town Hall 5 and you start your first Clan War? Away from the regular gameplay of a Clan War there are lots of tactics here what to do in Clan War but in this post I want to show you what you have to know at the very beginning. At the end of this post you find some Town Hall 5 War Base Designs you can use for your first Clan War so you can provide your Clan with the best possible support you can – always remember that the Stars you win and the Stars you lose are worth exactly the same compared to all of your Clan Members.

What’s important for Town Hall 5 player in Clan War?

First of all you will probably be on the bottom of the list so it’s almost sure your base will get attacked and all Stars you can get from opponents are crucial to your Clans success as other player can use their attacks on stronger opponents. Here are my tips how you can perform best in Clan War:
  • Ask for strong reinforcement Troops before you attack in Clan War. The high level player in your Clan are willing to provide you with very strong Troops to win the Clan War
  • Don’t hesitate asking which base you should attack and what Troop compositions you should use
  • Use the Spells you can – if your Clan wins the Clan War it will make up for the costs
Maybe you also want to check out this post about integrating Clan War Beginner to find some more tactics.

Town Hall 5 War Base Design is important

Many people think it doesn’t matter how strong the Town Hall 5 War Base is because they get destroyed for 3 Stars anyway. Wrong!
If your base manages to defend only 1 Star someone else has to attack the base and this makes stronger player attack lower bases than they could and as you probably noticed – wasted attacks are wasted Stars in Clan War. You normally get attacked by other Town Hall 5 player if your opponent wants to win the Clan War so this is like Town Hall 9 vs. Town Hall 9.

What makes a TH5 War Base a good War Base?

I mentioned some basics here in my post about creating a good War Base and the essential difference between a Pushing Base and a War Base is that you can completely ignore your Storages and Collectors because the loot that is generated (and is taken in a Clan War attack) is taken out of nowhere and not from your resources. This means you should place your high hitpoint buildings like the Storages in the corner to make attacker run out of time – making them run out of time is done by making it quite hard to pull your Clan Castle Troops because the more time it takes for them to kill them the less time their full attack Troops have to destroy all buildings.

Clan War running out of time Clash of Clans make attacker run out of time e1409667632997

Running out of time on Clan War attack

Solid Town Hall 5 War Base Designs for you to use

Please don’t get confused by the Upgrade Level of the Buildings – I’m Town Hall 10 and rebuild these designs but I only used the buildings available at Town Hall 5. Now that you can have 3 different War Base Layouts at once I suggest you try them out and find out which of them performs best for you. My personal favorite is the last one but the others are worth the try as well.

Town Hall 5 War Base with Trap Funnel Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 War Base 1

This Design uses a single Trap Funnel and the outside Buildings try to prevent that the Clan Castle Troops get pulled out easily
TH5 War Base 2015 with Spring Trap Funnel Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 War Base 2

This Base has a Spring Trap Funnel and a strong long range Core Defense setup
Southern Teaser Town Hall 5 War Base Design Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 War Base 3

Southern Teaser Trap Setup and a covered Clan Castle Pulling Range
Beginner War Base with inside Traps for Clan War Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 War Base 4

Covered Clan Castle and inside Traps for a surprise
TH5 War Base surprise layout Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 War Base 5

The single layer to the core makes this base look weaker than it is
TH5 War Base 2015 one of the best Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 War Base 6

This base distracts Giants with the outside Cannon to make them go to one point
Town Hall 5 War Base with strong Trap funneling Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 War Base 7

My favorite TH5 War Base with very strong Trap funnels (Barracks are missing here but you can place them anywhere)

I hope you can use these designs. As mentioned in the beginning it’s very important you place the Storages in the corner to make your attackers Troops go long ways in between – this will save your Clan some Stars, I promise!

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