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Clan War Player Management by Unstoppable1237

Hey y’all! Unstoppable here with a resourceful, in-depth guide on arguable the most competitive aspect of Clash of Clans, Clan Wars.
Yes, yes. I know what you’re thinking: “Oh great, ANOTHER guide from some guy who thinks he’s found the answers to life.” While I can’t exactly claim the latter, I am managing a clan that has 30 wins and 2 losses. We’ve had over 40 individual players contributing, but never more than 20 at a time. That being said, it IS possible to be consistently dominant in Clan Wars while switching members/having inactivity. I’ve broken this guide up into two very general sections: Players and Strategy. Hope you enjoy.

Player Management

Picking Your Members

So anyone who’s ever even thought about managing a clan obviously knows that the first step is finding the right members. But I feel that far too often people look for the wrong kind of members. Let me get this out of the way really quickly, the best members are not highest levels. Delete any thought of that in your mind right now. Repeat after me, the best members are not the highest levels. Period. The best members that a leader can have are those that are receptive to his/her leadership. This means that if each of your members are open to instruction and follow a “clan’s plan”, then you will likely have success on the battlefield. Activity is another deciding factor in your members; however, this is difficult to judge when recruiting. United we stand, divided we falter. If each member is playing his/her part in war, winning becomes a “when will it happen” rather than a “will it happen” question.
What’s a point without an example? My clan currently has every town hall level from 9 to 4. While the th4s are not exactly war material, because the rest of the clan has been so supportive in teaching, I would put them up against any other th4 (aside from like alternate accounts which don’t really have the knowledge of a true th4). Two of the th7s were absolute newbies when they were recruited. One of them even had level 1 wall breakers at th7. However, after being in the clan, learning from each other, and growing in the right direction, both of which are incredibly tough opponents. Think of each player as a hunter. You’re going hunting with your clan to kill some enemies. Each of them can deal massive damage to an opposing clan, but only if it is used correctly. A shotgun is not any more impressive than a BB gun if they both miss their targets. What your job as a leader is to show each of them how to utilize their gun to its fullest potential. Remember that you will be matched up with clans who have about the same levels as you. That being said, if you have the best dang group of town hall 4s in the land, they can beat any other group of town hall 4s they’ll be faced against.

Guiding Your Members

Well now that you’ve got such great, helpful members, time to show them what to do. This is where your experience comes into play. The best leadership is by example, so the easiest way to show them how to get things done is to do them yourself. There’s many things to show a completely new player, but important points to hit are: luring the clan castle, identifying an enemy’s weak spot, and setting up a clan war defensive base. It’s also important to note that this means explaining why something works and not just telling them what works. For instance, don’t tell people to circle cc troops with archers for maximum effectiveness, tell them how most cc defenses have splash damage and that spacing your troops out will reduce the effectiveness of the enemy’s defensive troops. This helps them identify solutions to future problems without needing much help. I also found it extremely useful to use a variety of attacks. For the longest time, my clan had been huge on dragon ball attacks (using 10 dragons, 3 lightnings). I initially started using it and soon they followed. However, we began to start facing players that had level 6+ air defenses that were well protected and unable to attack efficiently. Seeing a problem, I switched to other clan war strategies like balloonian, GI Wipe, and even hogging. My members soon followed. Staying with our gun analogy, the better your arsenal, the more efficient you will be at killing opponents.

Setting Expectations

A very important concept of a clan is getting everyone to do his/her part. Yes, the leader and elders can carry a clan, but it is much easier if everyone participates. And trust me, if you have receptive members as I’ve said before, they will want to help for the betterment of the clan. For these reasons, clearly set out what is expected of each member. In the short period that my clan was fighting 10v10 wars, I set out a goal to reach absolute perfection. This was dropping 30 stars on our opponents, 3 starring them all. Each member was to do his/her fair share and make sure that his/her equal was 3 starred. For instance, if I was ranked 4, by the end of war, 4 better have been 3 starred. I realized this was a very high goal and difficult to achieve, so the penalty for failure was not massive, but if you do not have a goal in mind, then you cannot define success. Although we never accomplished the goal, we defeated multiple opponents with 29 stars under our belts. This idea of expectations weeds out those not loyal to the clan while also allowing everyone to contribute. As your clan progresses, promote those who exceed expectations most frequently. Personally, I created a formula to judge how well each player did in clan wars, but I know that’s unrealistic for most people. The people who had the highest numerical rating got elders. This encourages meeting expectations.

Taking It Slow

Don’t expect to compete with Quantums Web in 2 weeks. It’s just not feasible. Understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day. I have managed my clan for over a 2 months and we have not had more than 25 members at once. Remember that 15v15 is an easy war to manage because you can mentally account for everyone and his/her effect in a war. I’ve had hoppers, trolls, and anything you can think of. Just remember that you don’t need 50 members to be a success. Cut your inactive, non-receptive members for the betterment of the clan. My personal method is that everyone has a chance in war to do something. Even if he/she never request/donate, if they can pull his/her own weight in war, then he/she is not really causing any harm by being in the clan and can be evaluated later. If he/she sucks in war and doesn’t improve despite help, or if they do not attack, I boot them. Only keep members that have the potential to be a help to the clan. Lastly, enjoy it. There’s no point going 45-0 if you have to yell at everyone to get it done. Let them loot sometimes. I mean, if you’re winning 27-2 with two hours left, there’s no point going for another star. Why not let everyone attack for loot? Fun all around. Just don’t cut it too close.

Clash-of-Clans-player-management-clan-wars Clash of Clans player management clan wars

Strategy Implementation

Have a Plan

There’s no point going to war if you don’t know how to war. Have a set idea of how you want everyone to attack. Should they hit the recommended? Go higher? Hit the weak people first? Tell them what to do. The common attacking plan nowadays is letting the bottom half attack first and get as many stars as possible. Towards the end of the war, the top half should “clean up” any easy stars on the bottom and then get what they can on the top half. The idea is easier seen if we lower the amount of people to two. Say you have a th10 and a th4. If the th10 uses both his attacks and only gets 2 stars each, he will have a net total of 4 stars. If the th4 uses both his attacks and gets 3 stars on one attack and 0 stars on the second, stars would be wasted. The th10’s second attack could’ve been used the the th4’s opponent and likely have been 3 stared, earning him 1 more net star than otherwise. This is not true in reverse. The th4 could not have attacked higher. It’s better to have your most powerful attacks saved until the end. Also, it’s easier to micromanage a 15v15 than a 30v30. As you increase in members, it may be easier to just tell everyone to do his/her recommended, but in the early stages, coordinate the war yourself.

Set a Precedent

Many reasons people don’t attack in war is because they are afraid of losing money. If you dragon ball someone and lose the war, then you will have a net loss of elixir. This fear of losing money prevents people from trying too hard. If you show people that you consistently win wars, then they will go into war with the belief that they will get their money back in war loot. A 220k war loot bonus opens up a lot of possibilities to attack with. Make it worth their time to attack in war. I have multiple people in my clan that I can just count on for 5+ stars every war. They’ve found effective, cheap methods to 3 star and do so every war for the sake of just war loot. I don’t even have to encourage anymore. They want Set a precedence and people will seek to live up to it.

Utilize Your Clan Castles

This is one of the most pivotal aspects in war. They can turn the tide of a battle very quickly. While I do encourage everyone to participate, it’s best that only the highest people donate to clan castles. You want the best troops in these bad boys because, especially in the lower levels, they carry much weight. Also, never allow people to attack without specific clan castles. Don’t donate barch (unless for some reason they want it). Donate something they will need in his/her attack. If nothing else, give minions/goblins/wizards for cleanup. Defensive clan castles are a bit different. These should be a mixture of dragons/wizards/balloons with archers to fill the gaps. I try to alternate them in my clan so the enemy does not know what to expect. If they know that you have 5 wizards in your clan castle, they’ll prepare accordingly. If they don’t know, they have to prepare for 3 different scenarios which could take away troops from their attacks. I’ve already mentioned this, but make sure each member knows how to counter clan castle’s on offense. Show them how to lure it out (even if it’s in the center of the base) and how to take it out with just a simple archer/wizard combo. Prepare them for every scenario they could encounter.

Preparation is Key

This idea goes with my most previous sentence referring to preparation. Each member should prepare for every attack. Don’t let people just build up an army that usually has good success and go blind sighted into an attack. Talk with them in the chat about how they are going to approach the attack. Discuss what’s going to happen when they drop this, or use that. Make them believe that they will get their desired stars rather than just attacking “for the heck of it”. Be sure to make use of the replay option in this respect. You can find clan castle troops and traps of an opponent if they have already been attacked by merely watching the replay. Take this into consideration when planning a second attack on him/her. Lastly, be sure to get a general idea of who is attacking whom before everyone starts preparing armies for the same opponent. It’s ok to attack twice in order to clean up, but if two players both want to attack the same player, judgment will be needed to settle the dispute. Prevent this by preparing who will attack whom.

Extra Point

Th7s are the most potent town hall in the entire game. Try to gather as many of these members are you can as they are so important in wars. The reason for this is because a th7 cannot defend another th7 if the attacker is prepared. When you reach th7, you get all these upgrades offensively, but don’t receive much defensive improvement until th8. For this reason, th7’s are 3 starring machines. A maxed th7 cannot possible defend against balloonian, dragonball, and a hog raid all at the same time. They pretty much pick their poison and die to any of those 3 attacks. I hold my th7s to higher standards than the rest of my clan because I know that they have the potential to turn the tide of a war. More often than not, they will carry the bulk of your clan’s stars.
Closing Notes: Clan wars are a complex part of Clash of Clans and cannot be described accurately in a 2000 word guide, no matter how intelligent the individual is; however, I hope that I’ve taught many of you how to not only be leaders of clans, but how to be successful members as well. Always remember the goal of a clan is to collectively grow together towards a common goal. If that is ever compromised, then you need to sit down, and rethink the workings of your clan. Leave any comments/feedback down there, and if you’ve been wondering, my clan name is Unstoppable. I’m not saying that so all you clan hoppers can leech off of us (because if you think I’ll keep you then you obviously haven’t read this guide), but so you can check us out to see that my credentials satisfy my thoughts written here. Happy clashing
Clan Disclaimer:
I run a very tight clan with many expectations and rules which is why I am so successful. However, this does not mean that you cannot join. If you would like to join, please try to adhere to most of the follow credentials
  • You cannot be severely rushed. I generally don’t mind this in the lower levels, but th10s that are only level 80 will most likely be denied. Show me some potential by having a decent base prior to joining.
  • You must be active. If I see you have no league, this is a dead giveaway.
  • You must have war experience. The more, the better. We WILL look at your profile and your achievements before accepting anyone
These are the only true qualities I require; however, maturity is taken into consideration if you are to remain in the clan.
Because of my common clan name (Unstoppable), there are many others with the same name. If you search the name exactly, it may not appear
initially. You can search multiple times and hopefully you will find it. If you are still struggling, add me on game center (Unstoppable7321) and I can view you manually. If you add me and do not get invited, just know that you were denied acceptance. Good luck to all.

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