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Clan War Farming for Clans not being active in Clan Wars

We have discussed lately a lot about Clan Wars and about Clan Management. Check out those posts here: How to Manage Your clan, How to Head Start in Clan Wars, Sabotaging, and Advanced Scouting in Clan Wars, or for more general things you should do that will increase your Clan War success rate dramatically. Everything we talked about has a simple but clear purpose to increase your performance in Clan War in order to make your clan the winning clan in the war. Don’t get me wrong, winning is great and the war loot bonus is very good, but I have come up with an approach how Clans could (actually have to) use Clan War Farming if they aren’t active in Clan Wars at all, but let’s start from the beginning.

Why is Winning a Clan War so Important?

Clan Wars are team features and in the end the clan with the more successful teamwork will win the war – but this is only possible if everyone gives his/her best and not one single percent less than that. Everyone is training expensive troops for the reinforcement donation during Preparation Day and all the Spells, Hogs, Dragons, or P.E.K.K.A.s for the Battle Day – that’s great, but it costs a lot of Elixir and Dark Elixir and you need to win to get the loot bonus to profit from Clan War. My approach here is to start the Clan War with the knowledge that you will almost certain lose it:

Clan War Victory clash of clans use your clan war for farming
Winning a Clan War will provide you with a huge War Bonus

Greatest Farming Spot Ever

Imagine you are a farmer and you are trying hard to find juicy bases to take loot from with your army of Archers, Barbarians and Minions – what would you say if someone offers you to see up to 50 bases for free without taking Gold from you for nexting and also you will not lose trophies in case you don’t destroy it to at least 50%? Even better, you don’t even break your shield! I think you got my point: this is what Clan Wars offers if you don’t want to win at any price. There are absolutely no penalties if you start a Clan War and you don’t win it as long as you don’t invest a fortune in a strong army and reinforcement troops. The loot you get there is generated out of nowhere, so you don’t personally lose anything and maybe you manage to get some loot bonus. All you have to do is have less costs than you earn to get your profit.

How does Clan War Farming work exactly without getting hated from my Clan?

First of all you have to be in a clan that is a farming clan or have lots of players who don’t want to seriously do Clan Wars. It’s very important that this is clear to everyone so nobody is investing 20+ Dragons in a Clan War that you will lose – remember the first part, with this tactic you will lose the Clan War for sure because you only want to make profit from single juicy targets.
Now you can start the Matchmaking and wait until you get matched up with an opponent clan. After you have your opponent you start to check out the bases and you are targeting these two kind of bases:
1.) You look for exposed Town Halls (yes this is still happening and I have seen it regularly in Clan Wars):

Clan War Farming clash of clans use your clan war for farming by sniping exposed town hall
Finding an exposed Town Hall in Clan Wars is not that rare as you might think

If you manage to destroy the exposed Town Hall you will get the full loot bonus and in the end (when you clan loses the Clan War) you still get 20% of it – you can easily get 20,000-50,000 Gold and Elixir for just investing some Archers. Remember, you will not lose trophies so this is a gift you get for free – it’s a hard time for farmers right now so everyone should take what he/she can get. Try to prepare yourself that there might be some Hidden Teslas around (see here for a guide on How to Spot Hidden Teslas). If you are quite sure there will be some you should also bring your Heroes into the fight – remember that you will keep 20% of the loot bonus you see in the upper left corner. For example, if you take this picture this would be 46,200 Gold + 46,200 Elixir + 153 Dark Elixir for just deploying 10 Archers.
2.) You look for Storages in the Corners:

Clan War Farming made easy with cornered Storages clash of clans farm outside collectors secret farming guide 2014
In Clan War the Storages are often unprotected in the corner of the War Base

It’s a common tactic to place your Storages in your War Base design completely outside (I will make a post about this very soon, but more from a defending point of view) Don’t forget that there are lot’s of resources you can get for just investing about 20 Archers. You can use the scouting feature to see how much is in the Storages.
Attention: Keep in mind that this is only if you are not doing an active Clan War and make sure to message all your clan members that you only do a “farming war” so no one is frustrated because he/she invested lots of Elixir for a strong army.

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