Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Clan War Base design

As the update bringing us Clan Wars is incoming and probably released on wednesday or thursday, there is the huge question if we will have to do very much rearranging our bases as the snapshot of our base at the end of the preparation day will be our War Base participating in the Clan War. Most of us probably have a farming base with an exposed Town Hall to save our resources and you don’t want to give away start within Clan War to your enemy. There are some strategies out there how this could be handled:

Hybrid bases

A hybrid base is a base having the Town Hall in the center but also the storages inside – goal is that if someone attacks you he will not always win trophies but also not to expose your storages. If you really compare this to a real farming base with exposed Town Hall you will recognize that there will be more attacks if you have lots of resources within your storages. Real farming bases have their benefit from making it very easy to snipe your Town Hall with 2 or 3 archers and recieving 10 hours of shield for it. With a hybrid base you will have a solid preparation for the Clan War.

Leave your farming base as it is

Others say it won’t matter if you leave your base with an exposed Town Hall because you will get “1-stared” easily but also the enemies are only having 2 attacks within the Clan War. So maybe someone wastes one attack on taking 1 star from you while he could easily have taken out 3 stars of another base from your clan. This is actually a very interesting point that makes somehow sense to me

Hope that we will finally get the layout saving option

There are a lot of people out there (including me) who would really appreciate if Supercell would give us an option on saving more than one layout of your base and easily switch them. I hope this is upcoming because otherwise we really have to rearrange our bases very often when taking Clan Wars seriously.

Clash-of-Clans-different-Layouts Clash of Clans different Layouts

Giving your base a new design

I did give my base a new design which is a hybrid base but easily let me switch my Town Hall. We’ll see how this works :) simple smile

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