Sunday, June 7, 2015

Clan Castle loot indication

Clan Wars is here and after the Battle Day you get your war bonus loot delivered to your Clan Castle where you can collect it. Did you know that it is possible that this can also be took from you when somebody raids your base? It is, even if it is only 10% of it you have to think that this could be a lot. Consider yourself having 400,000 gold/elixir in it, that would be 40,000 that an attacker can get so alwys collect your loot after it got delivered to your Clan Castle. It is safer in your Storages.

Also bringing us to the fact that you should put an eye on the Clan Castle before nexting a base because like all other buildings it is visually indicated if there is loot in it you can steal. There is also another post that tells you a lot about calculation and visual indication of loot within collectors and storages. It is somehow not very easy to see because you did never watch out for it, but you should start watching out if there is something to see within the tiny storage units on the Clan Castle.

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