Sunday, June 7, 2015

Clan building…like a Sir!

So you want to start a clan…you have beaten the tutorial, saved 40,000 gold and now are ready…or are you? This series will give you a short insight into the difficulties and rewards that being a leader in a successful clan brings.

Getting set
Being alone at the start is never easy, its far easier if you get your friends on board too! I would recommend starting with 3 or 4 people you know and trust. But this guide will focus on helping the lone wolves out there.

Naming your clan

There is no point naming your clan after your pet goldfish as this will not appeal to many new recruits. Try to pick something unique, interesting or plain scary…like Megakill Doom Squad or Aggressive Lettuce!

Pick an emblem, set your joining requirements and write a description. These can be changed at any time if need be….the name can not! I, myself am very proud to say I have a great clan, with some of the most interesting and friendly people I could hope for, but there was a dark time…
This is the hardest part and as such this part will be longer than the others! I started a clan at around level 30 (Rampant Rabbits) things started well enough, but recruiting was where it went horribly wrong!!

I had 14 people, all low level and all not really fully understanding the game. I was struggling to get chat going and struggling to hold onto people. Then like a guardian angel he came…Crystal shield displayed proudly on his profile, the high levelled troops…‘Albino Jeff’ Albino Jeff’s credentials were so impressive I fast tracked him to co leader. He was very thankful of the chance and immediately he got to work.

Within moments my clan was down to 2 people, me and Albino Jeff…It was at this point he said something I will not forget…”Don’t give co leader to new people”. He left and I was again back at square one. Where did I go wrong? Could I of done better? There are a number of key things to remember when recruiting:





and most importantly


When recruiting you need to look for active players, friendly players and hopefully loyal players. Remember also that there are many many global chat rooms…if recruiting is not going too well in one, reload the game and try another. Once you have a core of 10 to 15 players recruitment gets easier.

I would say from experience that 1 in 10 people you recruit will be good players that you need, so stick at it! It is impossible to fully explain how to recruit as much of it is you and your personality. So try not just writing “Join” actually speak to people, its more effort but your chances improve of catching the right people.

Also if you see Albino Jeff don’t let him in your clan!

hopper [hop-er] noun:

a person or thing that hops.
a person who travels or moves frequently from one place or situation to another (usually used in combination).
a troop thieving scoundrel on Clash of Clans.
Hoppers like nothing better than jumping into your clan, asking for troops and leaving. They do not like you or your clan, they just want to take and then ‘hop’ to another clan to repeat their trick. They are annoying and especially if you are just starting your clan can give a bad impression. So how do you tell a hopper when recruiting through global chat?

Check profile! An indicator that someone is a hopper may be that they have very low donations for their level (200 per level is good as a rough guide – lv30 = 6000). A sometimes misleading thing to check is whether they have a cooldown timer for when they can go to war. This basically shows they was in a clan that is still warring….so why have they left the fight? Still not sure, visit them and check their clan castle…full of troops? Unlikely they was kicked then!

All things look good, invite! But again be wary of people asking for troops the second they arrive!!

“Every soldier must know, before he goes into battle, how the little battle he is to fight fits into the larger picture, and how the success of his fighting will influence the battle as a whole”. General Bernard Montgomery.

Well said Monty…you need to work as a team, choose your battles and make sure that everyone knows who to attack and how to attack. As a leader you will need to scout the enemy, plan your clans attacks and make sure your clanmates go for someone around their level and not just attack the weakest link! Clan reinforcements both for attack and defence are key. Check my guide on clan castle reinforcements to offer help on what defends best. Attack troops depend on the enemies base.

One final tip, offer help to someone who fails and don’t make them feel too bad…its the trying that counts!

Hopefully these guides will help you start out your clan, only you can choose the direction it goes in, but by using simple effective starting techniques you should be well on your way :) simple smile
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